Trying To Keep My Cool This Summer!

It is too hot lately. It is indeed summer time! Too bad for me because my pad doesn’t have an air-condition unit. I just content myself with how little coolness my electric fan can give me. Or else I will have to go to the malls and spend some money just to stay cool. I don’t want to do that today, anyway.

Sometimes I’m thinking about going up North in Baguio City. Just to experience a colder weather. One of my colleagues actually invited me for a mountain trekking. It was unscheduled so I declined the invitation. I wonder if they’re going to use gloves like that of battery heated gloves. I doubt though. They won’t be climbing Mt. Everest, anyway. 😀

I always drink iced cold water lately and sometimes crave for halo-halo and ice cream. Darn this heat. I just wanted to bathe twice or thrice a day just to keep my cool!


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