To Enroll or Not To Enroll

I have been mulling over the idea of going back to school again this year. Actually, my 5-year residency in the University that I have enrolled my Master’s degree some eleven years ago have already lapsed. Instead of just hurdling about 9 units in both Research and Thesis Writing, I now need to get a refresher course. Meaning, I had to re-enroll the twelve units (4 subjects) that I took in the first semester at the Graduate School.

Knowing this and the limited time that I have in my hands to be in a conventional classroom setting, I am now contemplating of enrolling at where Walden University’s online degree programs are available. I need to go through the site and learn about Walden more.

I was thinking of giving up some of my activities like playing badminton when I go back to school. But if I finally decide to go online schooling, that won’t be so much of a problem. Everything will be on status quo. Except that my online presence will be made necessary.

My Boss has immensely inspired me to go back to school and I am actually feeling excited with the thought of being a student again. I hope my brain is not too rusty with the number of years of being idle :-)

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