Time Flies So Fast

I was browsing through my old photos and there I saw one photograph that brought a lot of sweet and beautiful memories.

With family close pal, Ate N and my cousin dearie, Allena

This was taken in Kapatagan at Samal Island about three years ago. I had the guts to wear the orange swim wear 😉 I have always loved bright colors and orange is definitely one of them.

I wonder when we can ever get to bond again. I would so love to go to Palawan the next time out with my family.

Geez! How time have evolved so quickly!

If you may have noticed, I haven’t yet gained some weight in here. I actually feel lighter and more comfortable.

Three years had past. Here I am still battling how to get rid of some unwanted pounds. Oh heavens, have mercy!  Am I getting so old? LOL!

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15 thoughts on “Time Flies So Fast”

  1. Hi! You go girl! Coz u know, I haven’t dared myself for wearing swimwear. I just don’t have the confidence yet. But I will! I will! Hihi. Nice orange swimsuit, they fit you!

  2. Yay! I am so back in here, Sis! Gipabalik ko ni GT to check out the gorgeous bod in orange swim wear! Woooot! :)

    I enjoyed this week’s GT so much because the color is so effortless to find at my end given that we have a Grand Caravan Mango Tango and we are now seeing a lot of orange colors around us brought by the Autumn Season!

    Hope you can visit me as well! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aww! The best gyud ang Samal for us Mindanaoans. 😀
    My time to wear one (swim wear) is yet to come. Problema kay some of the bulges are bouncing back, ehehe… Na busy sa writing jobs, medyo atrasado na sa workout routine. Hopefully makabalik na gyud ko ani ug pasingot soon, :)

  4. witweeew ! ang cheksi 😀 bagay naman sayo ang bright colors, laine. actually, yan ang one thing na dapat kong matutunan pa, ang magdagdag ng colors sa wardrobe ko. even si Vince lagi sinasabi na wag naman daw puro plain ang mga clothes ko especially brown, black, gray … kasi naman, alam mo naman, pag morenang katulad ko, hindi pwede sa masyadong matingkad na colors 😀

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