The Red Tube Story

One of the colors that I find rather sexy is red. I simply can’t be hushed when I see something that stirs my eyes sporting that color.

I was spotted on wearing a red tube and a red doll shoes in Singapore last week   :-)

Getting ready to leave the hotel in Kuala Lumpur for the Singapore trip
All set for the 6-hour bus trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Arrival at our hotel in Singapore

I always prepare my apparels when I am on a trip and the red tube has that funny story, LOL!

I bought a new one at the mall before the trip to Kuala Lumpur. When I was looking for it to have it hand washed, I could find it no longer. Since I am going to be late for work if I don’t stop looking for it, I asked my brother to go find it for me. At lunch break, I went to the department store to purchase my personal stuffs for the trip. I passed by the women section by accident and saw a red tube that’s displayed beautifully. I bought it without having second thoughts.

Wise decision! My brother wasn’t able to find the first red tube that I bought, LOL!

When I returned from my trip and the laundry woman did the washing for the week, I was happy to know that there’s now two red tubes! Hahaha!

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36 thoughts on “The Red Tube Story”

  1. Itsa nalang ng isa diri sa akoa Sis! Kaso lang, di ko angayan kay baboy kaayo ko! LOL. Gwapaness kaayo ang show sa turista, ever! Asa na ang travel experiences posts? Laagon sa naku sa uban blogs nimo! Lol.

    My reds by the way:
    Red Amaryllis Bulbs
    Photo Album
    Hope you can visit me, too! :)

    1. @Rcel,

      Haha! Sure Sis! Siguradua lang nga imong masalo, LOL!

      Salamat Sis. Tamad pako sulat uy. Giabot lang ko pilit ug mga pics nganhi. Di man madala. Makawakal man gihapon, LOL!

      Done posting comments at your Red entries, Sis 😉


  2. bakit ganun kapag hindi mo na hinahanap ung mga bagay na nawawala, in the end lalabas din hehehe…

    at least dlawa na tube mo hehehe..

    REd is sexy!

    returning the visit;) and thanks!

  3. hahhaha…doble na nuon…:) ka sexy man kau sa model woi…suya ko sa body…ako ani mura na ug hippo…lol! love that red shoes…pretty!

  4. hotta hotta! i like your denim top too :) red is my favorite color, kaya lang, because of my morena complexion, i can’t wear it – lalo akong umiitim! 😀

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