Summer 2012 Woes

Summer is almost over here in Metro Manila. I can now feel it! đŸ˜€ There has been constant rain shower and it’s not too hot anymore.

I just realized I haven’t really had much fun this summer season. There were planned trips which were postponed, some are cancelled and there are also some that I did not choose to involve in. Just like the summer swimming that my boyfriend and friends went to. I chose to work because I wanted to take advantage of the holiday pays. And there was also our company outing yesterday that I haven’t attended because I got sick. Sigh. I didn’t even had a sun tan and summer is almost over. I can use spray tanning but I really don’t want to fake my tan. đŸ˜€

Well too late for my summer woes.  Better luck next year! đŸ˜€


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