Learn the Base-ics

Pampering ourselves at times is very important. More so the caring of our delicate skin. Here is more tips in the basics on how to make our skin glowy and radiant.

Blemished Skin?
Stipple on a cream foundation for more coverage, preferably armed with SPF to prevent further damage from sun exposure- and lock it with powder on top.

Oily Skin?
Pat on a long lasting foundation powder that stays true and protects from the sun. Blot before touching up so you don’t get that icky sebum-make up paste

A must- use a concealer to cover up undereye circles for a brighter face.

>Another Blog in the Offing


Welcome to my fourth blog!

My heart is jumping in jubilation because this blog came into form with the help of my very good friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging. If not for him, this blog will just be a flicker of my own imagination ;-).

I have always wanted to create subdomains for my blogs because that’s what my little bro Joliber promised me when he helped me out in the purchase of my domains. He told me if I am ready to set up my subdomains, I will just have to let him know. When I was ready, he was nowhere to be found, haha! He is a very busy person and it’s hard to track him down. Good thing Uncle Che is there. He did all the technical stuffs. Though he was having problems with his internet connection, he was able to put up with the trouble of setting this blog up.

When Uncle Che did the set up of this blog, I haven’t thought of anything concrete as of yet as to what niche this blog I want to belong. But this morning, I woke up with a firm conceptualization of what I wanted this blog to become- a fashion blog, thus the title CERTIFIED FASHIONABLE CHIC. Ivy helped me out in the conception of my blog’s name. Thanks again, Ivs!

This blog shall be a niche for glamoruous gals like me who wants to know the latest trends and craze in fashion, apparels, some beauty tips, and a whole lot more that would especially talk about how a girl wants to be trendy and glamorous.

I am a little apprehensive though I wouldn’t be able to update this blog more frequently but I will try my very, very best.