My Own Sets of Sexy, Sizzling Lingerie

I actually own a few sets of sexy lingerie. I have bought them online. The first time I laid my eyes on them, I just can’t help but do the quick purchase.

Here they are for proof:

If I may just emphasize that I so love to hoard these sexy items. Even if I can not find a good reason for sporting them. I just love to get them and have them in my closet.

I am often amazed at how these sexy materials were designed with such finesse and articulation. I feel green with envy looking at the models in magazines. Honestly, I sometimes wish that I could flaunt my own sets of lingerie too if only I got the body, hahaha!

I find sexy lingerie sizzling hot and I believe it is the only time that I can be myself even if I do not have an audience. I find comfort in knowing that I go to bed sexy and comfortable. Given the tropical climate that we have here, lingerie is what I would consider as comfortable wear.

Like what I have published here before, and if I may just quote:

I think that it is also equally important that a woman feels good on the “inside” to complement her exterior countenance of femininity.

Does that make sense at all?

1 thought on “My Own Sets of Sexy, Sizzling Lingerie”

  1. so true! i don’t have lots of sexy lingerie too but they are really comfy especially in the summer when you just want to almost sleep naked. and yes, i agree with you that it’s important for women to feel pretty/sexy on the “inside” because after all, every woman is sexy in her own right :) one thing i learned too is that women can be sexy without being sexual 😉

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