>New Acquisitions via eBay


I have blogged before about the purchases I’ve made on eBay. There are quite a handful of them that I cease to open their page anymore. That’s to resist myself for impulse buying. But last Thursday, my mother kept urging and nagging me, LOL, to check out the site and try to look for dresses that would fit her large frame. I used to be on the look out for something for her but none caught her fancy. We got lucky on Friday because there were items that’s been up for grabs that really fits her size. I was too tensed while trying to win the bid because two of the buyers were also desperate to have the items.  But by hook or by crook, I told myself, I will have the items. And true enough,  got the two items my mother wants to sport on their school activity come April…
You take a look: 
Velvety Drop Waist Dress with 3/4 sleeves, 
elastic drop waist design and pleated bubble skirt

Silver Polka Dotted Drop Waist w/ spit neckline, 
wide sleeves and inner lining