Crammed Up

I only had an hour of sleep the night before my brother’s wedding. Gosh! I can’t believe time moved that quick! I was cramming up completing the guest list and finally printing them out. I ran out of ink and it screwed up everything.

Geez! I can’t imagine how I have accomplished all of that! Thank God I did by the miracle of God! :-)

At the wedding day, the eyebags was so obvious. I should have put on eye cream for dark circles. The make up artist wasn’t able to bring a concealer with him. Too bad!

Savoring Each Sweet Moment With Mom

Mother’s day is just around the corner. I know quite a lot of bloggers who now lives in the US. I am sure they are missing their Moms a lot back home. I know of some who plans of sending their mothers some cash gifts for the occasion.

But I personally believe there’s no sweeter gesture than flower delivery america. Lucky are those who have their Moms with them.

Anyways, I plan of just spending the day with my own Mother. I am lucky too I still have a chance to be with her in this very special occasion and I want to savor the moment.

Excited for Mira & Lance

Winter is over in the US. I am sure some Lowa boots will be put aside to give way to spring.

In Sydney however, temperature ranges from 20C to 28C. It’s the complete opposite coz it’s autumn there by now. Lance is so lucky he got approved in a not-so-cold temperature. I feel so excited for the both of them. They will only have to wait 7 days more and they are back in each other’s arms. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos soon. :-)

Shamcey Supsup, Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Winner, Is A Proud General!

You bet! I was up and about till dawn watching closely the result of the Bb. Pilipinas 2011. I wasn’t actually surprised when Shamcey Supsup was announced to have coveted the crown. Garnering 3 minor awards made it obvious that she’s a crowd favorite as well as that of the honorable judges.

And why not?

Shamcey Supsup, 24. is a Licensed Architect. She graduated Magna Cum Laude at University of the Philippines. She was born and bred in General Santos City which makes her a proud General.

It was my first time to have seen her on screen during the coronation night.But two months before, we were looking at her portfolio online when a blogger from Gensan talked about her at his blogpost. It was then when I got curious who she was.

The City Government of Gen San was actually very supportive of her bid in the pageant. Posters of her were everywhere in the vicinity of the City Hall asking the constituents to vote for her as the People’s Choice. Though the votes garnered weren’t enough for her to get the award, the crown itself was no mean feat.

To Shamcey, congratulations and you made us all proud!

Hard- Headed Brats!

Since my brothers ride on the bike everyday of their lives, there’s no need for them to be in the look out for the best auto insurance reviews.

But of course, the dream of having a 4-wheeled vehicle still keeps haunting the family. But with the present financial state, we still could not include it as of yet to our top priority.

At any rate, I keep hoping and praying that my brother’s won’t be involved in any road accidents. It will be deadly. Most accidents on the road involves the bike. It is not safe.

Sigh. Those hard-headed brats!

>Fiancee’s Email Account Got Hacked!

>My Prince just bought his new set of PC this week. We weren’t able to view each other via our web cameras because he is yet to install all the applications and programs in his new PC. We are both happy that he got a new one.

It’s been weeks since he’s been complaining that the old PC keeps acting up on him. Last week, he finally decided to acquire a new set.

The sad news is that, he can no longer access his mailbox. I told him he got hacked. It’s so sad that it happened to him. But he tried to appease me by saying that there’s no important stuffs contained in the mailbox.

That gave me a sigh of relief.

>Looking Like A Barrel In Miniskirts

>My fiance finds me sexy wearing a miniskirt. I am not used to wearing one in the past but he was able to build up my confidence over the years. As expected of him, he would frequently say I look sexy in them… Hmmmm. I hope he is not too biased though, LOL!

That’s the fiance and yours truly

He would tell me that a lot of women wear minis in Sydney and they make no fuss about it. Some looks hot pairing it with a fashionable boots. It looks a lot different from kamik rain boots though during rainy season.

I hope I have a beautiful pair of legs to flaunt by wearing minis. But good grief! With my height, I’d look like a barrel! LOL!

>Wish Me Goodluck, Folks!

>I have been very preoccupied the past couple of weeks hurdling every minute details for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- The Gravatar Contest. I hardly had any time to even have a good meal. When I take a nap or go to bed at night time, everytime I get to wake up in the morning, there is always something new that comes to this head of mine. It is obviously all worked up, LOL!

So when I am all this busy, I do not want any distractions getting in the way.

But what the heck!

The brother asked me if he could take over the PC for a while. He wants to Google about GenF20 reviews. I wonder where he got that.

I had no choice but to get off my seat. I then deemed it best to take the much needed break. I didn’t realized I have been working infront of the PC for hours!

Wheeew! I could only hope the 3rd Blogoversary will be another success like in the past.

Wish me goodluck, Folks!

>I Want a Bigger Wardrobe Cabinet

>I am such a sucker for minute details. I always see to it that I get what I want. When we had the house renovated some years back, I had to make sure that the little things were done within my desired changes.

It was also the case when I had the cabinet pulls done in my room. I wanted something that has room for everything especially my jeans. So it was set up with some space for my jeans where it can be easily hanged. It’s not so huge yet I have more than enough space for the folded shirts and hanged clothes.

How I wish though I have a bigger one like the one in the photo below:

Unfortunately, I’ve got a small room. There isn’t enough space for such a bigger wardrobe. Sigh.

>Pergo A-Go!

>Our house was renovated a few years back. I wasn’t able to have it done last year though because of monetary constraints.

However, one of the priorities I have for this year is the flooring. Though the tiles were still a bit new and unscathed, I would rather have the pergo flooring. I have heard a lot of positive stuffs about it and I wanna give it a go.

That will mainly rely on the budget availability though. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that.