Office Party Do’s and Dont’s

In office parties, we get our head spinning thinking on what are the best outfits for the occasion. Here’s some tips I have for you not to end up a disaster.

Be a head -turner with these office party fashion guide:

  1. DO wear luxe fabrics such as velvet, silk, or satin to a dressy office party. Just be sure it is fit for the working environment. No dare-to-bare stuffs. Be elegant and classy in an office party.
  2. DON’T get too trendy and use this occasion to experiment. Leopard prints are for Friday night outs, people won’t appreciate seeing you in those in an office party.
  3. DO add delicate, sparkly accessories to spruce up your usual office outfits. I love accessories. They are the only thing that makes me look elegant and different from the rest, hehe! A strand of pearl will make our ordinary work clothes look glamorous and classy.
  4. DON’T over-accessorize. Don’t make yourself look like a Christmas tree. If you wear too many bangles and still wearing a watch, that is too much! Don’t pile up too much bling. Don’t make your accessories the star of the outfit instead of YOU.
  5. DO wear elegant evening shoes. Strappy silver, gold or bronze shoes will instantly glam up your look.
  6. DON’T walk around in four-inch, tie-up platform heels. Shoes that are over-the-top sexy like knee high boots or ULTRA-strappy heels will look a disaster. These funky shoes are for night outs when you want to shake those butts on the dance floor.
  7. DO wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I always keep in mind the adage: “Dress for comfort and not for fashion”. Comfort is very important in this occasion for you to enjoy the night and not to hate the thought of ever coming to parties of this kind.

Originally published on June 12, 2010.