The Rockin’ Chic


Rock n' Roll!!!

Yep! Lainy does look like a band vocalist on that photo! 😀 I’m not sure if the outfit was for a night out with friends or that was what she wore on one of those nights she went to watch Kuerdas Band’s gig. But she certainly look good on the outfit. I just think she’s missing a little bit of black eyeliners to look like a rock star. No need for a cigar on her hand, though! 😀


>Are You Stylish?


I was  browsing at Blogthings when I found one quiz which was too hard to resist. I then found myself answering some of the questions. And the result: 

You Are Super Stylish

You’ve got style, no doubt about it. You always look your best.

You are on top of trends, and you carefully pick what works for you.

You dress for the occasion, and you never wear anything inappropriate.

You only own the best clothing and accessories. You know how to make an impression.

Is that really me? I really never find myself that fashionable but I always love clothes and accessories. I love to dress for comfort but it’s never too bad to dress for fashion as well 😉