Comfortable Naturalizer Sneakers

I haven’t had any Naturalizer shoe brand before. Its price range varies.

For sneakers, it ranges between 3K to 4K. I think it’s a lot more expensive than my favorite Converse shoes :-)

Naturalizer sneakers
Naturalizer sneakers

I love to wear my Naturalizer shoes on casual occasions. It is usually when I sport out shorts or I am wearing mini skirts.

Wearing with a mini skirt
Wearing with a mini skirt
With my short, short shorts! LOL!
With my short, short shorts! LOL!

What I love with this shoes is that it is very comfortable. My feet does not hurt at all and it is very light. Just perfect for casual fun outdoor.

Very comfy!
Very comfy!

Not-So-New Loots

There was a time last year when I actually hoarded some pair of shoes. I can’t just help the urge of doing the purchase. Sometimes, I had to stop myself from going to the malls just to do away from buying more than what I really needed.

Only 2 pairs
Only 2 pairs
Loot # 1
Loot # 1
Loot # 3
Loot # 3

I loved both purchases. It still looks so new till this very day.

Happy Feet Once More

It truly warms the heart when a good pal remembers and not only that, when she becomes too nice and generous.

My very long time running pal of 22 years to boost sent out these beauties when she learned that we are actually sharing the same shoe size. Isn’t that cool?

Twerlyn from the USA informed me that these shoes were never worn out; only used once or twice especially the heeled shoes and the sneakers. It was very evident in the shoes itself.

My heart was overflowing with joy and excitement when I finally got hold of the 7 pairs of shoes.

6 pairs of shoes + 1 brown pair of boots= HAPPY FEET! ;-)

My Centropelle Suede Ankle Boots

You must have noticed by now that I am such a sucker for shoes. I have actually lost count of all the shoes that I have purchased for this year. After the purchase of my new sneakers for 2012, I told myself: “This will be the last.” LOL!

Anyhow, the Centropelle suede ankle shoes is the second boots that I own. I found the style and texture too comfy for my fashionable feet :-)

My Centropelle Suede Ankle Boots

The Tan Suede ankle boots got a zip fastening closure at the side and it also got a tussle.

The pretty tussle ;-)

I so love the cool tan suede detailing and the way it was constructed using the traditional technique at the sole. I feel happy that this pair is an assurance of long-lasting quality and craftsmanship.

Prettified feet. LOL!

My New Sneakers for 2012

I was so desperate to own a new sneakers that I could get to use each time I go hit the gym and play badminton. I pity my feet because it’s been sporting a rather old footwear that I’ve bought from ukay-ukay two years ago, LOL! Though I’ve bought two pairs of runners this year, they were good only for casual wear and not so perfect as a sporting apparel.

When SM Mall had its Thanksgiving sale, I had no particular thing in mind that needs urgent purchase. However, when I passed by the footwear section, I’ve learned that Fila had a 50% off on selected items on top of the 10% discount for SM Advantage Card holders. Wasn’t it cool?

The 50% marked down price

My eyes caught the fancy of the black and fuchsia selection that stood out amongst all the runners on sale.

The black and fuchsia Fila runners
Happy new shoes! :-)

I did not think twice to finally do the purchase upon knowing that originally, it was heftily priced almost PhP 4, 000.00. When I went at the cashier to pay, the amount was only PhP 1, 500. Wasn’t it a good deal?

Happy feet!

I felt so happy and was more than satisfied! :-)

Mr. Quickie, My Knight in Shining Armor

The sole of one of my shoes came off while I was walking down the road to go have my lunch across Makati Avenue. It was one of the most embarrassing moments for me! I felt I was turning red all over as I was walking timidly (Step, flap… step, flap… step, flap…). I wanted the earth to open up and simply swallow me whole.

I quickly looked for a shoe shop to have my shoes repaired. Mr. Quickie at Landmark was my knight in shining armor. However, the amount paid was a bit pricey. It was the same amount I paid when I bought that brand new shoes. LOL!

Prima Donna Shoes- one of my faves

The New Penshoppe Doll Shoes

I’ve made a few purchases a few days before my 25th birthday. One of them was the Penshoppe pink doll shoes which I got on a marked down price :-)

You see, I am an impulsive buyer but most times, I acquire most of the items on sale.

I love pink!

I so love doll shoes. I feel comfortable whenever I wear them anywhere. I am beginning to loathe wearing wedges. Yesterday, I wore one at work. It so happened that I went out looking around for a gift for a debutante who’s going to have a Halloween themed party today. I was dragging my feet to walk around because it felt so sore and I just can’t stand it. I almost bought another pair of flat sandals but I can’t find one to my liking.


I was dead beat when I reached home! Good thing I found a good gift for the debutante, if it’s any consolation at all :-)

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A Dream Come True for a Woman Like Me

Women have their usual whims when it comes to clothing, apparel and shoes. I myself have my own fancies and you simply can not stop me once I have my eyes set on something. I always have a thing for shoes. Wedges, sandals, sneakers, name it,  I want to have them all, hahaha!

Why is it that I always feel more woman when I hoard a lot of shoes? Especially so if it is a pair of christian louboutin shoes. It definitely would be a dream come true for me. Why not? If it looks like this, I would be the happiest creature in the whole wide world:


I wish I could have a purchase of the item in the malls here. But no. I have to admit that I live in a city that is still a little primitive when it comes to signature items. I believe I can only get to acquire it through online purchase on a legitimate site. I actually found a site and I can’t help but be amazed with all the items for sale. I wish I could buy them all, hahaha! I am such a dreamer for wanting to buy them all, LOL! But seriously, I wish I could own one someday. What about a birthday gift to myself? Hmmmm. Let me think about that 😉

The Shoes

One of the best purchased items I had in 2010 was the shoes which was the envy of some friends at Facebook, LOL! Quite a handful of them were actually asking me to hand it down to them once I get tired of sporting it.

But sorry folks! I only had the opportunity of wearing it twice, haha! I don’t think I’ll be handing it down to anyone anytime soon 😉

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