Black as Wedding Motif

Like it has been said, color has an impact on the choices we make. Our reaction to the colors that we see is instantaneous.

During my brother’s wedding, the bride wanted purple as the motif. She said it’s her fave color. We suggested she has to pick another color to match it. She couldn’t give any. While we were looking out for her gown and that of the entourage, it was only then have we decided that it’s gonna be purple and apple green accentuated with black and grey. Where have you found a wedding with four motifs? LOL!

Yours truly chose black as the color of my dress (black is actually NOT a color, hehe). I wanted to be different from the rest of the entourage. The Maid of Honor wore a purple gown and the bridesmaids wore apple green. I sported a black cocktail dress with white gold as accessories.

Most of the guests muttered, “Why black?”

In the Philippines, black symbolizes death. It’s kind of bizarre. Choosing it as one of the motifs in my brother’s wedding was actually a defiance of the cultural norms. In other countries however, it symbolizes elegance and sophistication.

I was oozing with confidence wearing the black outfit because it made me appear thinner. It was able to conceal the bulges in my tummy, LOL! I wasn’t alone who chose black amongst the four motifs though 😉

So what do you think? Will you prefer black as motif of your own wedding?

>Anniversary Presents Part 1


January is our love month. I prepared some presents for my Prince. I have been thinking of what could be the best gift for My Prince. One thing that came to mind was a couple shirt. This came very handy because of Rosilie and her hubby of A Closet of Limitless Adventure. Their brilliant ideas were simply amazing! I would like to thank them for the efforts they’ve put in just to come up with these lovely couple shirts.

I would also like to thank Ivy of The Designer Chic for the silhouette image of the lovers in the shirts. You made these presents triple extra special!