A Fab And Chic Business Plan

I have blogged about Lainy’s online business which she named after this blog – The Fab Chic’s Closet. Instead of doing a garage sale in front of her house, she’s smart enough to post her pre-loved clothes and sell them online! I’m glad she did or else I won’t be able to get hold of her  nice dresses! 😀

Since I’m going back home for good and my brother and I are planning to open up a business once he’s well established on his job abroad, I’m thinking about opening up a store which will also showcase fab and chic clothing, apparels and accessories.  Anything that a lady would need! Well, I’m thinking about naming it after Lainy’s online business. I’m also planning to ask her to be my partner on my business plan. I’m not sure what’s her say on this but I think it’s a good idea especially if it has a business liability insurance.

I hope and pray Lainy is going to approve my business proposal. Her passion for fashion will be a great contribution to the business ones this plan comes to reality! :)


Goodbye Summer, Hello Rainy Days!

Summer has come to an end! Here comes the rainy season here in the Philippines. We won’t be wishing to be in a beach somewhere sunbathing in what appears to be chaise lounge chair at ChaiseLounges.com to get tanned.

We would rather just stay indoors this time and spend more time with our family while the rain pours hard outside. :)

Let’s just not forget to bring our umbrellas when we decide to go out and do our chores since it has been raining cats and dogs lately. Let’s not get sick this rainy season, aight?


Summer 2012 Woes

Summer is almost over here in Metro Manila. I can now feel it! 😀 There has been constant rain shower and it’s not too hot anymore.

I just realized I haven’t really had much fun this summer season. There were planned trips which were postponed, some are cancelled and there are also some that I did not choose to involve in. Just like the summer swimming that my boyfriend and friends went to. I chose to work because I wanted to take advantage of the holiday pays. And there was also our company outing yesterday that I haven’t attended because I got sick. Sigh. I didn’t even had a sun tan and summer is almost over. I can use spray tanning but I really don’t want to fake my tan. 😀

Well too late for my summer woes.  Better luck next year! 😀


A Metro Manila Commuter’s Tale

I’m one of those everyday commuters here in Metro Manila. I ride a public transportation bus to go to work and the Metro Rail Transit for my ride home after work.

If I’m almost late for work, I’d prefer riding an ordinary bus which is not air-conditioned and races with all the other buses along the way. 😀 It doesn’t matter if I get to inhale the air pollution on my way to work because of other transport vehicles not installing a performance replacement air filter, I wouldn’t mind at all as long as I get to the office on time. Its very seldom that I get the chance to enjoy the comforts of being in an air-conditioned bus. Well that’s because I do a lot of things either at home or at church before I go to work. 😀

When work is done, I take my time walking from the office building to the MRT station. Most of the time it’s crowded since normal people (who work during the day) don’t want to be late for work or school. But I don’t mind riding on the train because it will take me home in 15 minutes. I won’t be stuck in an early morning traffic along the busy street of EDSA on a bus. I don’t mind if other passengers in the train unintentionally step on my foot. As long as I hear them say they’re sorry, I’d be fine. LOL!

Well, this is one life of a daily commuter here in Manila. I envy those who live in the province because they won’t have to endure whatever it is that I go through whenever I travel to and from work everyday. But this is how it is. I really can’t complain because this is the kind of life I chose. :)


Expectations And Homecoming

Lainy and his brother, Jayson and his family already moved out of their Mom’s house months ago. Whenever I come home, her Mom’s house is always my first stop because I know all of them are there and I can get to spend time with them in just one place.

It won’t be the same anymore when I come home next month. I think I have to go straight to my mother’s house and just pay my cousins a visit at their place. I wonder how Lainy’s pad look like? Does it have a patio with ceiling fans outdoor so where we can chat with cups of coffee in our hands? 😀 I’m just excited about seeing all of them.

There’s always going to be no place like home.


Trying To Keep My Cool This Summer!

It is too hot lately. It is indeed summer time! Too bad for me because my pad doesn’t have an air-condition unit. I just content myself with how little coolness my electric fan can give me. Or else I will have to go to the malls and spend some money just to stay cool. I don’t want to do that today, anyway.

Sometimes I’m thinking about going up North in Baguio City. Just to experience a colder weather. One of my colleagues actually invited me for a mountain trekking. It was unscheduled so I declined the invitation. I wonder if they’re going to use gloves like that of CozyWinters.com battery heated gloves. I doubt though. They won’t be climbing Mt. Everest, anyway. 😀

I always drink iced cold water lately and sometimes crave for halo-halo and ice cream. Darn this heat. I just wanted to bathe twice or thrice a day just to keep my cool!


Untimely Death For Another Legend

Karl Roy’s death is much talked about lately. He is a legendary singer/songwriter here in the Philippines. His untimely death is much talked about maybe because he died at an age of 43 due to cardiac arrest. Too young to die. He still got a lot of music to create and a lot of songs to sing.

I am not a fan of Karl Roy. And honestly, I don’t really know him. I listened to some of his songs in YouTube and found out he did write great music. Not all of the songs were the loud rock songs that I envisioned him to be singing. Some are just slow and relaxing type of music. If only looking at his pictures, I can easily judge him or stereotype him as one of those other musicians who deal with drugs and alcohol. And as I was reading more articles about him, I think he’s a good guy just covered with tattoo.

Untimely death is really devastating especially if it happens to somebody that we think are good people. I wonder if Karl Roy ever purchased a life insurance and told friends about it. Because if not, they might as well check this out now so that those loved ones of theirs won’t suffer that much after an untimely death like that of Karl Roys’.

Watching photos of those who visited his funeral (most of them are hit makers here in the Philippines), they seem to be good friends of his. Although I have read some articles about him. I still wonder how Karl Roy ever lived his life. I think I better read some more articles about him.


Photos courtesy of google.com

>Another Blog in the Offing


Welcome to my fourth blog!

My heart is jumping in jubilation because this blog came into form with the help of my very good friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging. If not for him, this blog will just be a flicker of my own imagination ;-).

I have always wanted to create subdomains for my blogs because that’s what my little bro Joliber promised me when he helped me out in the purchase of my domains. He told me if I am ready to set up my subdomains, I will just have to let him know. When I was ready, he was nowhere to be found, haha! He is a very busy person and it’s hard to track him down. Good thing Uncle Che is there. He did all the technical stuffs. Though he was having problems with his internet connection, he was able to put up with the trouble of setting this blog up.

When Uncle Che did the set up of this blog, I haven’t thought of anything concrete as of yet as to what niche this blog I want to belong. But this morning, I woke up with a firm conceptualization of what I wanted this blog to become- a fashion blog, thus the title CERTIFIED FASHIONABLE CHIC. Ivy helped me out in the conception of my blog’s name. Thanks again, Ivs!

This blog shall be a niche for glamoruous gals like me who wants to know the latest trends and craze in fashion, apparels, some beauty tips, and a whole lot more that would especially talk about how a girl wants to be trendy and glamorous.

I am a little apprehensive though I wouldn’t be able to update this blog more frequently but I will try my very, very best.