Lingerie In Comfort

I’ve seen lingerie and I have SEEN lingerie. As a growing teen, it always amazed me how designers create with such finesse. And those glossy pictures of models displaying their lingerie creations made me wonder which of the two was more beautiful.

This image of a lingerie is what I would consider as comfortable wear. I think that it is also equally important that a woman feels good on the “inside” to complement her exterior countenance of femininity.

Silk or satin lingerie is not favorable in the climate of the hot Tropics and Equatorial where I live and it is difficult to find good cotton lingerie.

I guess some sacrifice is needed to have the cake and eat it. :)

Originally published on June 9, 2010

It’s Only Feminine For Sure

From time immemorial, the softer gender has an innate preoccupation with all that preserves and enhances their youthful looks and beauty.

Across the Globe, from the most primitive tribes to the modern woman, from ancient concoctions of beauty aids to the expansive and ever growing industry for the plethora of female beauty enhancements of the present time, there is one common denominator that brings all women together with the same inborn interest.

Haute Corture has never been more flamboyant and sought after. It is analogous with another time past when primitive women scoured the shores for the best looking sea shells or trekked through the jungle thick in search of the best blades of grass and twine to deck their bodies.

Intimate and alluring undergarments, accepted and in English common reference as lingerie from the French word of the same, defied its initial euphemism in English of being “scandalous under linen” as the other beauty within

Flimsy, sensuous and sweetly seductive for every conceivable persona, mood and moment, lingerie has been an intrinsic part of every woman’s apparel arsenal.

No longer can it be said, “if a face could launch a thousand ships” but more accurately as, “if a lingerie could launch a thousand ships. Then where is he to go?”

There’s no one home but his woman.

My Own Sets of Sexy, Sizzling Lingerie

I actually own a few sets of sexy lingerie. I have bought them online. The first time I laid my eyes on them, I just can’t help but do the quick purchase.

Here they are for proof:

If I may just emphasize that I so love to hoard these sexy items. Even if I can not find a good reason for sporting them. I just love to get them and have them in my closet.

I am often amazed at how these sexy materials were designed with such finesse and articulation. I feel green with envy looking at the models in magazines. Honestly, I sometimes wish that I could flaunt my own sets of lingerie too if only I got the body, hahaha!

I find sexy lingerie sizzling hot and I believe it is the only time that I can be myself even if I do not have an audience. I find comfort in knowing that I go to bed sexy and comfortable. Given the tropical climate that we have here, lingerie is what I would consider as comfortable wear.

Like what I have published here before, and if I may just quote:

I think that it is also equally important that a woman feels good on the “inside” to complement her exterior countenance of femininity.

Does that make sense at all?

The Pink Lingerie

It’s Friday once more and I feel so ecstatic to show off my featured photo for this week.

It was in 2008 when my very good friend Twerlyn got hitched. A few weeks prior to her wedding, the coordinator organized a lingerie bridal shower. I was one of the bridesmaids. The concept was the idea of the wedding coordinator, our High School pal, Jenny. It was a fun night with Twerlyn’s friends gathered together sporting various designs of lingeries.

Twerlyn and the coordinator wore white lingeries and they were oozing with sexiness. They let me borrow the same color and posed for the cam. The shot is too sexy to be posted at the blog though, LOL!

We have to make do with this pink lingerie paired with pink slippers;-) You’re wrong! Undergarments weren’t pink. You can’t see it coz  I wore a pink robe only for the cam’s sake, hahahaha!

Big grin while posing for the camera

Have a grand weekend everyone!

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>Wild Sexy Black Lace Lingerie Dress G-String


This eBay purchase arrived when I was admitted at the hospital. I got very excited taking hold of this item. I remember the time when Twerlyn had her Bridal Shower Party and everyone were required to sport their sexiest lingeries. I was in a panic looking out for a decent and presentable lingerie. I was able to find one but not so much to my liking. I just had no choice but to wear it.

If only I was able to get a hold of this wild sexy black lace lingerie dress G-string! As if I have the body to flaunt , huh?!

Sexy Item from eBay!

I have been an eBayer since last year, and I tell you, it’s addictive! I mostly bought casual dresses. There has been quite a handful of them!

Some of the great buys I had were lingeries, perfumes and fishnet stockings.

One of the items is shown below:

I fell in love with the item the first time I saw it! Though I haven’t worn it yet, I just love to collect these sexy items in my closet, LOL!