My First Disco Experience

I have never been inside a Discotheque and I often wondered what it is that attracts so many young couples and groups to the Discotheque almost every weekend.

Friday and Saturday nights were the rage amongst most of my friends who would preplan their weekend get-togethers. That was during the period when blockbuster movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Dirty Dancing made Disco dancing so popular.

It is more than a decade later that I had an opportunity to sit inside a Discotheque. The place was packed with young people. I was aloft on the first floor where I could peer down to watch the dancers below on the dance floor.

The Deejay was superb as he spun the best music beats while the dancers bobbed up and down and from side to side, keeping their body motions in tandem with the music as well as the elation opti rgb that illumined the darkness of the dance floor.

Even I felt the thrill of what others were doing and it made me clap my hands and stomp my feet, trying as best as I could to share in the Disco fun beats.