Tyra On Rajo Laurel’s Ensemble

I am a fan of Tyra Banks. I used to watch her show – America’s Next Top Model and love how she’s able to make those beautiful women’s dream turn in to reality. For me, she’s not only a top model on the Runway but also she’s a role model to all the girls who dream big not only in the fashion industry but also in whatever profession they choose. She’s an independent and strong woman who also has been to a lot of hardships but never backed down. She’s is inspiring.

It’s amazing how she looks up to Filipino talents in the fashion industry. As we all know, a lot of Filipino designers have been made known in the U.S. Just like Monique Lhuillier. She’s been creating beautiful dresses – wedding dresses for big stars.

Just recently, Tyra wore another Filipino designer’s work on her show! I am so pleased! It was Rajo Laurel’s collection that she showcased on the last episode of Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model.

photo courtesy of www.pep.ph

Doesn’t she looked great on the dresses? Cheers to all the great Filipino designers! I’m so proud! :)


She Used To Be A Gospel Singer… :)

Katy Perry is not only known for her distinct voice but also have become even more popular when she was able to make herself unique from the other popular musicians. For me, although her songs are not really wholesome, her identity and persona on stage make her one. She’s loved by everyone especially those young girls who was inspired by her story. Did you all know that she used to be a gospel singer? 😀

I like the way she looked on stage on this picture with her guitars. I just don’t know if she used Hao distortion pedals on any of her performances. She just look so sexy and fabulous in all of her colorful and Kikay outfits. 😀

Hah! This one is really cute! :)

Keep rockin’ Katy! 😀


Kim Kardashian’s Dream Wedding

Before the internet connection went down yesterday, I was feeling bored and was just browsing the web the entire time. I am a huge procrastinator so the tasks awaiting for me to accomplish were definitely put on the sidelines, LOL!

I was only reading about Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries. I so love her gown which was designed by Vera Wang. She was absolutely a stunning bride and drop dead gorgeous! I wonder if she took the best diet pills prior to the big day.

People Kim Kardashian
Photocredit: The web