The Most Expensive Hair Makeover I Ever Had

My hair gets easily dry, frizzy and unmanageable when I don’t undergo hair treatment in a matter of three (3) months. When the hair gets untreated for that length of time, it gets freaking annoying and it makes me feel so ugly. LOL!

I never really do anything drastic with my hair. I don’t go for hair rebonding or any other invasive treatments that could cause further damage to my already dry and damaged hair. I only opt for hair treatments like hotoil, hairwax and cellophane.

Last May, I decided to try something new. They said it’s more effective than the previous hair treatments that I have had. So I was convinced! True enough, I loved the outcome and the effect on my hair was fab!

As I have earlier mentioned, I need to maintain my hair every 3 months or else, I would go nuts. LOL!

My hair has gotten worse this time.

The split ends! ;-/
The split ends! ;-/

So I did another keratin treatment.

After treatment photos :-)
After treatment photos :-)

I was happy with the results but my pocket wasn’t. It was overly expensive!

I should search for another salon that offers cheaper services for Keratin treatment the next time out.

New Remington Salon Pro Hairstyler

One of the newest purchases I have had for 2013 that made me pretty happy is a Remington Salon Pro hairstyler. It straightens, curls, flick and waves the hair. You see, I feel beautiful when I have that wavy, curly hair. Believe it or not, but I just feel so. Hahaha!

Anyway, I asked my good friend Twerlyn of the good brands that she can recommend to me as I know that she has been a real sucker of some beauty and make up gurus in Youtube. She’s learning their tricks now thus making her really good at it herself.

I have found Remington in the shop and it’s the only brand there that caught my fancy as it’s dual purpose. If I want to have a long, straight sleek hair, it’s gonna be really handy. If I’d want to have some curls, flicks or waves, this one will do the trick as well.

I got it for $60.




I can’t wait to try these out in my own hair. I am pretty skeptical though in damaging my hair but WTH! Hahaha! I better start viewing some youtube tutorials to make things perfect for my hair :-)

How Do I Look?

I have always loved to experiment with different hairstyles. However, I am not too bold and gutsy in cutting my hair shorter. I would want to have my hair permed because I know too well I’d look good on it. However, cutting my hair short is not an option.

What I did then was to experiment with different hair styles via my phone’s application.

Go take a look:

Yours truly in different short hair styles

Now tell me honestly, do you like what you see? I don’t. LOL!

A Day At David’s Salon

My friend, Irene and I decided to have our hair done about two weeks ago. It was in preparation for our Church’s Mid-year Thanksgiving. We decided to visit the famous David’s Salon since they are famous for great hair styling. We wanted to make sure our money’s worth. :)

Irene doesn’t want her hair cut short. She just wanted to have it trimmed a little bit. I used to tease her about her hair being her head blanket because of it’s thickness. LOL! Anyway, here is her hair before and after our visit to the salon.

From head blanket to perfect trim! :)

Like the usual, Irene and I had fun chatting while our hairstylist was doing his job trimming and cutting our hair. Irene was already getting nervous about the trimming. And I, on the other hand, excited about looking younger than my age. Hahaha!


Finally, after the blow dry!

Yey! Pretty me! LOL!

And here’s Irene and yours truly, all pretty and set for our Thanksgiving Day!

A beautiful David’s Salon day it was!





>The Perfect Bridal Hairstyle


When my friend married in 2006, she asked me to be her maid of honor. I was a little hesitant because it was my first time. But I can not say NO entirely to her because she left me with no choice, LOL!
Before the wedding day, she told me that our hairstyle would look good on us because she did an extensive research as to what hairstyle would look gorgeous on her and the entourage. I took her word for it. True enough, we looked all stunning and gorgeous with all our beautiful hairdo!
I got curious as to what preparations are actually needed to be done in choosing the perfect hairstyle for the bride. I found some helpful tips from Wedding Flowers. Here they are:

  • Do your homework by browsing through bridal magazines and checking out the hundreds of wedding hairstyles available online.
  • Make sure that the hairstyle that you will choose will complement, instead of outshine, the dress that you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing an A-line bridal gown which is extremely simple yet elegant, a similar hairstyle is required. A classic French twist or soft curls framing your face should do the trick.
  • Decide whether you will do the hairstyling yourself, or if you will hire a stylist. If you want to have a do-it-yourself hairstyle for your wedding day, make sure to practice first and choose a style which is easy to create. On the other hand, if you will use a stylist, make sure that it is someone who specializes in bridal hairstyles. Set up an appointment weeks before your wedding so that you can try out some flattering bridal hairstyles.
  • Donโ€™t do anything drastic with your hair โ€“ like cut, perm, color or highlight โ€“ approaching six months into your wedding. You may not like the results, and itโ€™s always more difficult to correct a bad haircut when your wedding is barely a month away.

Here is a quick list of the bridal hairstyles that you can go for:

  1. Elegant updo
  2. Simple twist
  3. Chignon
  4. French twist
  5. Modern twist
  6. Classic curls
  7. Braided updo
  8. Soft curls

Hair Trends for 2010

We have always been talking about clothes and everything but one most important thing we mustn’t forget to consider in coming up with that certified fashionable look is the HAIR. 2009 welcomes the fashion enthusiasts in extreme hairstyles! Extremely short and extremely long hairstyles are specifically the women should look out and expect in 2010.

The radically short haircuts like bob cuts is in! When done right, it sure will look very funky. Long hair, straight and sleek are also in! But now that it’s summer here in the Philippines, I prefer short hair. I wish the bob cut would look right with the shape of my face. But I don’t think it will ever look good on me because I have rather big and round face.

Anyway, I want to have my hair curled up again. I miss the long, curly hair I used to have 4 years ago. Mind you, I was born with a very straight hair but I really dreamt of having curly hair. So i had it permed a few years back.

Here’s what I am missing: