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Shameless Selfie

This has been a famous hash tag on social networking sites. It is called such when the person takes a photograph of herself/ himself then publish it for the public view.

I must admit I do the same thing especially when I feel like doing so. But most appropriately when I feel pretty and fab, hahaha!

I am thinking of posting a regular shameless selfie right here on my fashion blog or probably just an Outfit of the Day post.

Watch out for that in my upcoming updates! :-)

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Have Fashion Shows Gone Too Far?

From the Haute couture establishments the world over, Paris, New York, London, you name the location… we have fashion designers flaunting their latest. Some of these designs draw gasps from the spectators. Gasps I must say because I have seen video replays of these fashion shows and it makes me wonder where does one draw the line.

It can be clearly seen that the model on the catwalk is bra-less. Back in my grandmother’s day, she would have fainted had she watched such a video replay. But that isn’t what I am writing about. It has gone even worse than that.

Being skimpily dressed may have its justification by the sort of design the model exhibits. But does the female model have to exhibit her naked breasts too? It has become usual fare now to see models walking breast naked on the catwalk. Makes me wonder what asset is being promoted at these fashion shows.

At the rate permissiveness is with these fashion shows, will there come a time when …… hmmmm you can guess what I am saying..

Originally published on June 11, 2010.

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

In this evergreen song, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone:” (Pete Seeger), there is this verse and it goes like this…

Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young girls gone?
Taken husbands every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

I can surely attest that that is not true in my country. Gosh! here in the Philippines, there are more women than men. A great percentage have not been taken husbands every one, that’s for sure.

It is very unfortunate that my Flipina “sisters” bear the brunt of a largely male dominated culture. In this rat race for survival, countless Filipinas end up in the shady and sordid lifestyle just to earn crumbs to support their siblings and aged parents back in the village.

Despite her proud boast of being a largely literate country and where Religion is the bulwark of the greater majority, it is sad that incompetent leaders and politicking and unabated criminal activities have brought undue hardship except for the privileged minority.

Over the past three decades every hope of the common Filipino has been blighted by what I have just related. It galls those who are endowed with intelligence and ability to see opportunities squandered by avaricious leaders and guardians of law and order.

As once said by an illustrious poet, “They also serve who only stand and wait” (John Milton). That’s the everyday whisper on the lips of the common folk in the Philippines.

Originally published on June 10, 2010.

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Is It Right For Older Women To Beautify Their Faces And More?

When I was in College, I remember there were a few male students who always poke fun whenever they saw an elderly woman with her face cosmetically treated and worse for her if she wore something what one may call “sexy”.

Now, sometimes this got out of hand with their snide remarks but to tell you the truth there were also occasions when I quietly agreed with what they described. I haven’t reached that age yet to know what it is that drives elderly women to wish to relive their younger years or to feel rejuvenated.

Where should the line be drawn? Frankly, this is a very personal answer that only women of elderly age will be able to give.

What I believe is that every woman regardless of what age she is, she should not make herself too obviously conspicuous in public. That would be parodying herself needlessly for some adverse ridicule from others.

Beauty to me is attached to simplicity and not ostentation.

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Do Men REALLY Understand How Much A Woman Suffers?

Do women suffer THAT much?

Let me do simple Maths here to prove how much a woman suffers. Yeah, suffering is calculable….in a way.

There are 30.4 days average a month. (365 days divided by 12 months…easy one)

Let’s assume on the average that a woman suffers for about 7 days of menstrual pain and body discomfort.

Percentage-wise that amounts to 23 percent of suffering every month!

And there’s no take it or leave it….the woman has to take it.

It’s a mandatory 23 percent.

I shall not even go into the details of how much cost is involved because that’s something else…financial suffering just to buy medicines to lessen the pain.

Yeah! and you might add but it’s not till the very end of a woman’s life.

So, then let’s count the days of suffering with the onset of a woman’s menopause.

See guys, it’s really till the very end.

Then how about adding pregnancy and childbirth to the list? I know of a woman who spent almost her entire productive life moving in and out of maternity hospitals and she was not working there as a nurse. She bore 15 children minus a few more that were still births.

And what about the wayward boyfriend and later husband?

Therefore, give and take, the total suffering of a woman is in the region of 50 percent or more through her entire life!

So you men out there. Have a heart and no matter what mood your woman is in, she suffers for you and for the children you made her bear for you.

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