The Ways Mothers Carry Their Infant

It is truly amazing when considering the different ways mothers of different cultures carry their infant. It was quite recently that a Company was ruled by a Court order against manufacturing their product which helped mothers to carry their infant on their own body.I did not save that piece of information but I do recall that there were reported fatal instances when the infant suffered asphyxiation because of the manner in which that product held the infant.

Looking at Asian, African and Western cultures, these pictures depict the differences at how mothers carry their infant.

One thing is clear from those images above…the West rely on progressive technology while Asia and Africa is still very much deprived and has to rely on the bare necessities of life, so to speak.

From those three example images, which infant do you think is most comfortable with mother?

Originally published on June 11, 2010

Skinny Jeans 101

I have always wanted to see myself wearing skinny jeans. I envy women who looks so sexy and fashionable. They certainly looked like fashion models and celebrities! I have always been on the look out for a skinny jeans that would fit my body structure. I feel a little uncomfy with some of the styles. They are just too fit for my liking. It gets really frustrating! Out of desperation, I decided to search on some of the tips in choosing the best skinny jeans for me.

Here they are:

  • The most slimming look comes from skinny jeans in a dark blue or black wash.
  • You don’t have to go with skin-tight jeans to get the look of the trend: jeans vary from super-skinny (usually about a 10″ leg opening) to a kinder, straight-leg cut (about 14″ leg opening).
  • One of the key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with volume on top including dolman-sleeve tops, bell-sleeve tops or tunics.
  • Disguise heavy thighs by wearing a longer, belted tunic over skinny jeans.
  • Cover up thick calves by tucking skinny jeans into tall boots.
  • Wear heels with skinny jeans for a leg-lengthening look; pointy-toed flats also work.


Headware: Wear It How You Want It!

One of my purchases before my Zambo trip was a headware from Bratpack. As the label says, “Keeps Your Head Happy!”

My headware

I was convinced to buy one because it can be used in a number of ways. I can opt to look like a pirate or I can simply use it as a hairband, dust mask, helmet liner or a beanie. It’s breathable, versatile, seamless, tubular, cool, elastic and UV guarded.

All set to leave Dapitan City
Off the Ozamis City Port

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>I Am Super Stylish!


I did nothing tonight, I just stared in front of the PC point blank. When I realized i was looking like a zombie,LOL, I decided to browse over Blogthings and took a simple test.
Why is it that the result of the test did not surprise me at all? Hahaha!

You Are Super Stylish

You’ve got style, no doubt about it. You always look your best.

You are on top of trends, and you carefully pick what works for you.

You dress for the occasion, and you never wear anything inappropriate.

You only own the best clothing and accessories. You know how to make an impression.