My Trusty Pair of Shoes

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, no pair of shoes would ever fit me. My swelling had gotten worse. It was so frustrating to say the very least. I kept looking around for one that could be comfortable for a pregnant woman like me that had ballooned triple times.

After a number of frustrating tries at various shops, I’ve finally found one for me to use at our Year-end Thanksgiving at Church. I was told not to wear high heels so a low heeled-shoes was a sound and wise option.

preggy shoes

It proved to be useful and comfortable now as I speak 3 months post-childbirth.

What Part Of A Woman’s Anatomy Attracts A Man Most?

Oooo! now this is such an open question. I might add a risky one too because one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. And no this is not about the cattle meat industry.

Well, perhaps I should first list out an inventory of what are considered a woman’s anatomy assets.

1. Hair
2. Eyes
3. Lips
4. Cleavage and size of her breasts
5. Waist line
6. Rotundity of her buttock
7. Good symmetry of her legs

Now I must admit that is quite a mouthful of real estate for any man to appraise. What helps the woman more is that whatever it is that she uses for cosmetics as well as the type of clothes, these have that extra punch to set the male admirer into a sea of imagination.

Which then explains why such great finesse is taken to the cutting of cloth or should I say, shedding of cloth, so that it augments the enticement of the male eye towards revealing the female anatomy?

Fortunately, in reverse, it is not the same kind of question that can be asked about the anatomy of man. It could lead men to look at other men and that would be disastrous for women.

We Are All Going GaGa With Fashions

Now, we do know what the word “avant garde” means and when it is used in fashion talk, I guess we expect something that is not just innovatively fashionable but also that it has to be functional. Sure, you have seen some designer creations that left you staring at the ceiling.

Going futuristic is the name of the fashion game. Thus among many other samples, we get to see items such as these.

Wear that and you might gore someone you accidentally bump into.

Don that hair style and spend the rest of the night getting ready to get into bed.

Wear those shades and they’d think your hubbie works as a welder.

And if you think God created our feet for walking, try these on.

Okay, I know you’re already staring at your ceiling. But talk about going gaga and we actually do have one celebrity of the same name who is a boon to the Fashion industry. Just look at how she struts herself…

She just returned from her Home on the Range, where the deer and the antilope roam.

As always, she left in such a hurry, she forgot to wear the rest of her clothes.

And golly gee, she even forgets the same thing when she leaves her dressing room to go on stage!

So you see folks, the name of the fashion game isn’t about being avant garde. It is about just being forgetful or silly.

The Bellbottom Pants

Going by the “cause and effect” theory, there is an explanation for the bell bottom pants. It had a huge following in the 60’s and 70’s. Although the origin of the bell bottom cannot be credited to any particular designer, it is popularly said that it took after the design of the U.S sailor’s pants..

Why did the U.S. Navy design their pants in such a manner? It allowed their sailors to remove their pants without difficulty with their boots still worn. So now we know how the U.S. sailors walk around.

The bell bottom pants has a flared lower part of the bottom pants usually about 6 to 8 inches from the feet but in some their bell could begin even higher up closer to the knees.

One thing for sure, it meant paying for a lot more cloth. LOL.

Originally published on June 12, 2010.

Miniskirts and Boots Combo

Too many of the fashion enthusiasts have proclaimed that the miniskirts and boots combo had long been dead.

The miniskirts have evolved in the 1960’s. In today’s modern fashion trend where everything have gone retro, we all go back to what has been the trend in the past.

img alt=”” border=”0″ src=”″ />

Since it’s winter in most parts of the world, the knee-length boots have been the usual and fave footwear to go with the minis. Thanks to the warmth and the fashion appeal it brings! One of the many advantages of wearing boots is that they make the wearer’s legs long.

My Prince would want to see me in miniskirts and boots because he finds it really sexy but I would absolutely look like an alien if I wear it here in the Philippines since we are a tropical country and I could rarely see people wearing them except for celebrities and definitely I’m not one, hehe. And besides I don’t have the legs to show off. 😉 Well, to convince me any further, the miniskirt he said doesn’t have to be a real mini, haha! He even showed me a photo which for him looks very sexy.

That is a real nice try, Mahal! 😉

Originally published on July 8, 2010

The Men Are As Fashion Savvy As Women Today

Fashion wear and grooming has fast caught on with men. It was once considered sissy for men to be preoccupied or interested in such items. During those times, men were expected to be rugged and macho looking and not personally taken to cosmetics, hair styling and fashion wear.

We know that it has changed now. It has become a huge and profitable enterprise for every item that a man uses, just like it is for women. There are even men fashion and lifestyle magazines. To gain more, the producers have hyped the unisex appeal for couples, too.

This has gone even as far as facial skin care and solutions for men. We have come a far distance since those dull days for men in this regard.

Originally published on June 10, 2010.

Children Fashion Wear Is Now Big Business Too

Fashion trends and fashion wear has not left any stone unturned. It now covers the entire spectrum of humans, for every gender and age. And that includes tiny tots to the irrepressible teens. The fashion industry has gobbled up anything that it is able to design an item.

Children have become comparably more conscious of their existence today than it was a decade or more before. Gone are the days when children were even glad that they had clothes and a pair of shoes to wear. It is no longer like that today.

Today, it is status quo. It is the ability to wear “branded” clothes and “branded” shoes. Even “branded” underwear. It is the sign that the child’s parents have arrived in life and can afford such expensive fashion wear for their children.

Have you seen a child wear a wrist watch when he can’t even read and tell you what time it is on his wrist watch?

Believe me, it is not a Mickey Mouse wrist watch that the child is wearing! He has to look like his Dad, wrist watch, sun shades, et al.

These are the sure signs of economic affluence and progress. It’s becoming more expensive to clothe a kid.

Originally published on June 11, 2010

Fashion Revolves, It Really Does

If one lives for at least two generations, that would be six decades at least, one would be able to notice that there is a recurrence for fashion. I guess when designers have run out of ideas, they either fall back on what good old grandpa and granny used to fashion themselves with or they would hope for celebrities to do some outlandish thing and set a new fashion wave abuzz.

Well, let’s reminisce on a few examples…

1. His hairdo

No man took the center guy seriously (except when watching him act) until this happened…

And men hairdressing saloons went out of business. School teachers and Headmasters were armed with a pair of scissors for students who kept long hair.

2. Her hairdo

No one took this woman seriously until this happened….

The beehive became the rage and the late Audrey Hepburn did immeasurable business assistance for women hair salons.

3. His face

Women felt that it is impossible to passionately kiss a man with such vegetation on his face, not until this happened….

Along came Mr. Sideburns a.k.a Engelbert Humperdinck and women even allowed their men to use their eye lash pencils to draw false sideburns on their faces.

And there are so many more examples of recurring fashions, that is if one is nearing 60 years of age or over and reminisce about comparisons.

The Pink Girl In Me

I love to dress up and pose for the camera 😉 I used to do color coding when I was younger, LOL! I make sure that the color of my top match my shoes, accessories, etc. As I browsed through my files, I can’t help but mutter, “Indeed, I love pink!” I have a lot of pink apparels too boost. But that was when I was younger, haha!

As I began to age, my preferences changed dramatically. I still love pink but it doesn’t matter anymore if the colors match, LOL! For me, the more different it is, the better. I love to sport bright colors- one that’s not common and is different from the norm, hahaha!

Pink top and shoes matched with pink watch 😉
Different shade of pink matched with the same color of watch

You might ask me what color were the undergarments 😉 Your guess is as good as mine, LOL! Obviously a pink gal right here!

Casually Looking Good

An everyday outfit can be just as stylish as a suit, even if it’s worn for casual occasions.  The secret towards achieving a pleasant appearance is creating equilibrium between the fabrics, colors and textures of the clothing items. Luxury men’s wear doesn’t refer to suits only it also consists of items such as jackets, T-shirts, shirts and casual trousers.

To begin with, when putting an outfit together there are a series of aspects which have to be taken into consideration.  There should be no more than 3 colors included in the overall appearance.  When this number of colors is exceeded the amount of visual information provided becomes disturbing and unappealing to the eye.  Textures and patterns can also be tricky to mix and match. Therefore, keeping it simple is the best way to go.  For example, if one decides to wear a checked shirt which has red, green and blue stripes then the rest of the outfit needs to be composed around these three colors.

One of the available options could be a pair of cotton trousers. The color is excellent and matches the touch of red present in the shirt.  Furthermore, the contrast created between red and green is pleasant.  The overall aspect is balanced without being dull or exaggerated.  The tailoring of the trousers situates them at the borderline between smart and casual enabling them to be worn in both occasions.  Even if this clothing item seems to be difficult to match, when paired up with the right shirt will look stylish.

Sometimes, weather conditions and temperatures may determine us to opt for a blazer or a jacket in order to complete an outfit. These items are so varied that it is almost impossible not to find the best solution with regards to shape, color and pattern.

A winning combination created along with the checked shirt and cotton trousers would be achieved by adding a navy cashmere jacket to the mix.  It matches the blue lines in the shirt and creates an exquisite contrast with the pair of trousers.  In addition, the checked pattern is consistent trough the entire outfit.

The final outcome is balanced when it comes to color palettes and the overall aspect is successful. An effective outfit can easily be put together if the clothing items blend in and complete each other.