Eyelashes Extension: The Good Side and the Bad

Out of curiosity, I tried out plastering extensions on my eyelashes a few months back when after playing my nightly badminton sessions, a couple of pamphlets were distributed to announce the opening of Lash in the City.

I had second thoughts at first but some co-workers went with me so I had the procedure. I chose Cover Girl Cabaret which was way fuller and longer than Lady Posh.

After an hour of plastering session, I felt different! It was as though I was born to have it, LOL! And oh yes! I felt  good and beautiful! Mind you! I then had thicker lashes which drew onlookers’ attention. That’s the good side 😉

However, I felt a little uncomfortable because I have been wearing contact lenses for 13 years and the eyes felt a little itchy. I couldn’t touch it or else, it may deteriorate the integrity of the eyelash adhesive. The maintenance fee is also a little pricey which would require another session at the lounge.

What added to my discomfort was that every morning I can’t touch my eyes and remove the mucous surrounding my eyelashes for the fear that it might fall off, LOL! And most of all, there is a tendency that the original eyelashes  will grow out as the artificial one is attached to the real one.

But I don’t have to worry about that now coz I can have eyelash growth technology. It will make my eyelashes go back to its original form. So cool isn’t it? :-) I may go back there again one day for another plastering session 😉