>Eyebrow Graft is Worth ₤ 2, 350


We have all heard of the adage “The eye is the window of the soul…” It has been a cliche that all of us never forgets. But have you imagined looking at yourself in the mirror minus the eyebrows? Well, I can think of myself looking like an alien without the brows, hahaha!

Many of us have gone plucking crazy with tweezers. And what a big ouuch it has always been! And guess what? If we keep on plucking our brows, our hair follicles die. And here’s more. Fuller brows are the trend these days and not the thinner ones. Stop those plucking activities now and restore the beauty of our brows by undergoing eyebrow graft/ transplants.

The eyebrow graft costs ₤ 2, 350 or $ 3, 478 or 172, 960 in Philippine money.

How is the procedure done? “It involves the cutting of a strip of hair from the back of the head under local anaesthetic, cutting out the follicular units and grafting the hairs into the eyebrows. The full benefits can be seen after six months but patients must be prepared to swap their tweezers for scissors- as the transplanted hair grows longer than brow hair, and needs regular trimming…”

Would you be willing to spend P 172, 960 for eyebrow graft? Need anymroe convincing? Look at the photo below:

NOTE: I would like to acknowledge the effort of my friend Polly of Random Ramblings for scanning the mag clips and sending them to me for the benefit of this blog. I owe you big time, Polly my friend!