>Pissed-Off with One eBay Seller!

>It’s an open book than I am an eBayer for quite a couple of years now. I never encountered problems with any of the transactions I had in the past. The sellers were very professional and the items were shipped immediately after the payment was made.

I had my first purchase this year at eBay. I paid online via my Visa card. After I won the bid, I made the payment thereafter and I also informed the seller that payment has been made. It was a Saturday. I was taken aback when on Sunday, I received a message from her asking for my payment. I calmly informed her that the payment was already made Saturday and I even attached my proof of payment. She immediately responded and acknowledged my payment. She further told me that she will ship the item the next day, Monday.
Monday and Tuesday came, there was no item delivered on my doorstep. I never heard a word from the seller, too. Not a word. No nothing. Wednesday, I already can’t contain my annoyance. I asked her via email where was my item. She then responded that she was waiting for my reply. According to her, she sent an email asking for my shipping address. True enough, she DID sent an email on that day AFTER I’ve asked her for my item. There was no email sent prior to Wednesday asking for my shipping address because if there has been, I should have immediately responded.
In short, if I didn’t asked for the item, I will be waiting for nothing. After the item was received on a Friday, I gave this seller a negative feedback. I didn’t like the way she communicated with me. She’s not prompt in responding and I felt like she never cared for her clients. I have always been a good payer and I deal with the sellers professionally. The negative feedback wasn’t made to attack her personally. It was made only based on my personal experience with her while I was doing the transaction. I’d like to teach her a lesson and I don’t want my experience repeated with other clients.
After sending a negative feedback, she asked for me to retract and revise the negative feedback I gave her. I’ve got until February 4 to modify it. I know her online business will be affected if I don’t modify my feedback.
Now tell me. Does she deserve a positive feedback from me?

>New Acquisitions via eBay


I have blogged before about the purchases I’ve made on eBay. There are quite a handful of them that I cease to open their page anymore. That’s to resist myself for impulse buying. But last Thursday, my mother kept urging and nagging me, LOL, to check out the site and try to look for dresses that would fit her large frame. I used to be on the look out for something for her but none caught her fancy. We got lucky on Friday because there were items that’s been up for grabs that really fits her size. I was too tensed while trying to win the bid because two of the buyers were also desperate to have the items.  But by hook or by crook, I told myself, I will have the items. And true enough,  got the two items my mother wants to sport on their school activity come April…
You take a look: 
Velvety Drop Waist Dress with 3/4 sleeves, 
elastic drop waist design and pleated bubble skirt

Silver Polka Dotted Drop Waist w/ spit neckline, 
wide sleeves and inner lining