Getting Ready for Church

I attend Worship Services twice a week. You don’t usually see me wearing any formal or casual dresses except when gearing up to face our Lord Almighty. Sometimes, I am faced with the dilemma on what dress to wear because there’s just a lot to choose from. LOL!

Choosing what to wear for Church often times depend on my mood. If I feel like sporting my best dress then I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. But there are times when I feel just too lazy to pick from amongst the many clothes in my wardrobe.

Most times, I wear more often the ones I consider my favorites just like the one shown in the photo below:

All set for Church

Forever 21 Black Dress

It has been ages since I went out to watch the Kuerdas gigs. I remember my Mom, being the stage Mom that she is, would love to go along wherever Kuerdas performs. As she aged and got sick more often, we both lie lowed going to each and every gig of Kuerdas to be a mere fan and audience.

It was one fine night when we both decided to watch after a long time. I believe it was the first night when I finally went back to my Mom’s threshold. It was sort of a celebration :-)

My Mom and I decided to sport black for that night. I opted for my Forever 21 black dress :-)

Yours truly wearing my Forever 21 black- laced dress

The Kebaya Clothing Of Malaysia

Having recently visited Malaysia, I noticed that with the rich multi-racial composition there, and had it been a longer vacation there, I would be able to see and to discover a lot more about Malaysia women’s fashion wear.Although Western fashion has influenced most of the younger generation, there were still strong manifestations of the cultural fashion with Malaysian women.

Take the Kebaya for example. It is also called the Baju Kurung in the Malay language. This is an exquisite design with great emphasis on the slim midriff. When worn it accentuates the female body contour and in a most graceful manner.

I can’t imagine how I would look dressed in a Kebaya. Gosh! I would have to shed quite a lot to look good and to fit in one of those body hugging Kebayas.

The dress uniform for the stewardesses in the Malaysian national airline carrier is the Kebaya. It must be physically tiring for their stewardess to wear the Kebaya particularly when flying on long hauls.

As I understood it, the Kebaya is mostly worn by the Malays and the Nonyas (a race from intermarriage between the Malays and the Chinese). It has a long history that dates back to the ancient Majapahit Empire in Indonesia and the rise of Islam in the region. The name itself “Kebaya” has its etymology from the Arabic “abaya” which means clothing.

Acquisitions From The Fab Chic’s Closet

I can’t wait to wear these acquisitions from The Fab Chic’s Closet!

A friend of ours who lives here in Manila is scheduled to go home to GenSan on Friday. I asked her a favor to bring the clothes with her when she goes back here in Manila.  I want to wear one of the dresses for our Church’s Mid-year Thanksgiving Anniversary on July 22. I hope it comes here on time! I’m really excited about my new dresses!


The Fab Chic’s Closet Now Open For Business

You might be wondering what that photo above is for. Well, that is Lainy’s cover photo of her online clothing page – The Fab Chic’s Closet! This is what she said when she put up the page:

“As a result of my closet spring-cleaning, I have selected some clothes to be placed on sale and at very reasonable prices. Up for grabs are preloved clothes that’s never worn out. Items were rarely used. These are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. Worth every penny! Prices range as low as P30! Watch out for great selection of items to be uploaded very soon!”

As we all know, Lainy is a fashonista. She’s got a lot of clothes in her “CLOSETS” that she rarely wear. Now she don’t know what to do with most of them since she’s got new sets of clothes to fill her already-filled closet. So she thought about selling them! I was able to grab some of those pre-used yet very nice clothes! 😀 Here’s one of them:

There it is! A very nice dress at an affordable price!

There are lots of clothes available for grabs at her page. You can go ahead and click on the link above to like her page and make your own selection of those pretty clothes!


Tyra On Rajo Laurel’s Ensemble

I am a fan of Tyra Banks. I used to watch her show – America’s Next Top Model and love how she’s able to make those beautiful women’s dream turn in to reality. For me, she’s not only a top model on the Runway but also she’s a role model to all the girls who dream big not only in the fashion industry but also in whatever profession they choose. She’s an independent and strong woman who also has been to a lot of hardships but never backed down. She’s is inspiring.

It’s amazing how she looks up to Filipino talents in the fashion industry. As we all know, a lot of Filipino designers have been made known in the U.S. Just like Monique Lhuillier. She’s been creating beautiful dresses – wedding dresses for big stars.

Just recently, Tyra wore another Filipino designer’s work on her show! I am so pleased! It was Rajo Laurel’s collection that she showcased on the last episode of Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model.

photo courtesy of

Doesn’t she looked great on the dresses? Cheers to all the great Filipino designers! I’m so proud! :)


Glee Women In Black Dresses

GLEE is one of my favorite TV shows but I haven’t watched an episode of the latest season. I don’t know what time they air on cable anymore and if ever I knew what the time slot is, I still won’t be able to watch it because I’m busy.

I recently found about this music video of the stunning women of GLEE in black dresses. I LURVE it!!! I want to have Santana’s dress!

I always love Santana’s voice. The choreography and the music arrangement is great! I miss GLEE all the more…

Black as Wedding Motif

Like it has been said, color has an impact on the choices we make. Our reaction to the colors that we see is instantaneous.

During my brother’s wedding, the bride wanted purple as the motif. She said it’s her fave color. We suggested she has to pick another color to match it. She couldn’t give any. While we were looking out for her gown and that of the entourage, it was only then have we decided that it’s gonna be purple and apple green accentuated with black and grey. Where have you found a wedding with four motifs? LOL!

Yours truly chose black as the color of my dress (black is actually NOT a color, hehe). I wanted to be different from the rest of the entourage. The Maid of Honor wore a purple gown and the bridesmaids wore apple green. I sported a black cocktail dress with white gold as accessories.

Most of the guests muttered, “Why black?”

In the Philippines, black symbolizes death. It’s kind of bizarre. Choosing it as one of the motifs in my brother’s wedding was actually a defiance of the cultural norms. In other countries however, it symbolizes elegance and sophistication.

I was oozing with confidence wearing the black outfit because it made me appear thinner. It was able to conceal the bulges in my tummy, LOL! I wasn’t alone who chose black amongst the four motifs though 😉

So what do you think? Will you prefer black as motif of your own wedding?