>Cathie Jung: The Queen of Corsets


If you are a certified fashionable chic, you must be aware that a corset is a garment worn that is commonly used to slim the body or for the wearer to look more sexy giving more emphasis to a curvy figure. It is known that the constant wearing of corsets will eventually reduce the waist measurement. Corset is also known as girdle. 
More and more people are getting in love with having a very slim waist and they found the corset very helpful. The Wikipedia have actually provided the health benefits and risks  of corset wearing: 
  1. Corsets promote good posture.
  2. Corsets can reduce pain and improve function of people wth back problems or other muscular/ skeletal disorders. 
  3. Some large-breasted women find corsets comfortable than brassiers, because the weight of the breasts is carried by the whole corset rather than the brassiere’s shoulder straps. 
  1. Glenard disease is the most common illness caused by prolonged corset use. 
  2. Compression of the chest and downward pressure on the abdomen. 
Now, I’d like to introduce to you the QUEEN OF CORSETS.  I would like to thank Polly of Random Ramblings for letting me meet CATHIE JUNG. Her waist measurement is only 15 inches!

Feast your eyes on her unique photos and tell me,  would you want to have a waist like hers, too? You want to know my opninion ???? Ewwwwwww! 


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