My New Michael Kors Tote Leather Bag

Can you tell I am such a happy soul? I just purchased my first ever MK bag and who wouldn’t be so happy when I got it for such a very good deal? The item Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather was originally priced at $389 but I got it for only $94 with a shipping fee of $9. Not bad at all eh? And read: the money I used to do the purchase was through my blogging effort :-) Ahh! The perks of blogging!

My new Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather
My new Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather

The item’s description are as follows:

  • Black leather.
  • Golden hardware.
  • Top handles with chain accents.
  • Adjustable buckled shoulder strap

I always love big bags. I have a lot of unnecessary stuff that I bring along with me. I have yet to learn to go out of the house with less items inside the bag.

Anyhow, I believe the bag is worth every penny. I simply can’t wait to sport it out at work :-)

New Jovanni Bag

I have never heard of this brand yet until I’ve made my recent purchase of a royal blue bag. I told myself many times in the past that I need to curtail my unnecessary spending when it comes to bags and shoes. With the shoes, I wasn’t too successful. With the bags, I must say, just a little. LOL!

It was one weekend while shopping for Morning Dew’s apparel for Thanksgiving when I sighted this bag from afar. There’s someone from within urges me that I should get closer. Hahaha! When I finally got hold of it, I simply love the feel, the look and the price. The price was on a marked down sale: 50% off.

The bag mark down price

My SIL told me I should get the bag or else feel remorseful for the rest of my life. What a way to convince me. Hahaha! Well, she finally succeeded when I decided to do the purchase. I wasn’t too successful in holding off to my motto at the time: “Focus on your needs, not on your wants”

However, everytime I wear it at work, I don’t feel guilty for succumbing to my urges. LOL!

The royal bag :-)
The convertible tote bag inside

It feels good to be rather impulsive at times especially when the items are on sale :-)

Louis Vuitton Bag

One thing that caught my fancy while I was window shopping at Greenbelt was the Louis Vuitton bag that was on display.

The LV Bag

I didn’t dare ask the price coz I know it must have cost a fortune. I can only adore it from afar. I never wished to own a bag as expensive as LV. There are better things that’s most essential than a LV bag that’s heftily priced. However, if one would want to gift me with that, I shall accept it wholeheartedly. :-)

What’s Inside My Purse?

I am a Forever21 fan. So when I sighted one bright purse at SM Megamall, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I immediately did the purchase :-)

My F21 purchase

You can tell by now that I go for something bright and colorful. It’s rare though that you’d find me choosing small bags or purses as I don’t find it serving the purpose when I go to work. My bag weighs more than 5 kilos each time I report for work so you can just imagine all the items that I needed to put in.

So what are the items that I can’t leave behind when I only use a purse?

My stuff
Closer look

These are my leather wallet, Nokia C3 cellphone that was lost when I was in Davao last September, Skin Food lipstick, The Body Shop lip balm, Bobbi Brown eye shadow, Clinique face powder, sunglasses, and my pink comb that’s at the bottom of the purse when I took the snap so it wasn’t visible.

What about you? What are the things that are a must inside your bag?