Thinking About Learning A New Hobby

A colleague of mine makes nice accessories. I actually bought some of her nice bracelets and earrings. It’s a hobby that for her “has eventually evolved into a craft, not a crap”, according to my friend. 😀

I haven’t seen those accessories she made that looked like “crap” though. But I really love the ones she made recently. They look like pandora charms but she said she still have a lot of learning to do make her accessories look even better. I’ve been telling her to sell some of them online but she said she didn’t have the time to do it anymore. Instead, she sell her charms to her friends.

I’m thinking about learning how to create the accessories myself. I wanted to have a new hobby especially when I’m back in the province. It’s not a bad idea, is it? :)



The Women Behind The Fab Chic’s Closet

A lot of us thought it was only Lainy who manages her new online business. But we’re all wrong. Lainy has her hands full already with her 8-hour job and some other personal stuffs. Anyway, here are the ladies behind The Fab Chic’s Closet:

The Fab Chic’s Closet‘s Page Administrator: LAINY – She is the sole owner of this online store; hence she has full control of what is being posted and commented on this page. She has the right to modify/ delete page contents. She also takes full responsibility on all items displayed on and sold to customers/ buyers.

The Fab Chic’s Closet‘s Content Moderator #1: SHANE – She takes photos of the items on display at this page. She also makes sure that the items are in good condition when delivered to customers/ buyers.

The Fab Chic’s Closet‘s Content Moderator #2: CHARLETTE – She prepares the items and makes sure that they are exactly the same items that have been described in the item description. She also takes photos of the items in this page and replies to some comments of visitors when the page admin is not available.

They’re all fabulous and chic, aren’t they? 😀



A Day At David’s Salon

My friend, Irene and I decided to have our hair done about two weeks ago. It was in preparation for our Church’s Mid-year Thanksgiving. We decided to visit the famous David’s Salon since they are famous for great hair styling. We wanted to make sure our money’s worth. :)

Irene doesn’t want her hair cut short. She just wanted to have it trimmed a little bit. I used to tease her about her hair being her head blanket because of it’s thickness. LOL! Anyway, here is her hair before and after our visit to the salon.

From head blanket to perfect trim! :)

Like the usual, Irene and I had fun chatting while our hairstylist was doing his job trimming and cutting our hair. Irene was already getting nervous about the trimming. And I, on the other hand, excited about looking younger than my age. Hahaha!


Finally, after the blow dry!

Yey! Pretty me! LOL!

And here’s Irene and yours truly, all pretty and set for our Thanksgiving Day!

A beautiful David’s Salon day it was!





A Fab And Chic Business Plan

I have blogged about Lainy’s online business which she named after this blog – The Fab Chic’s Closet. Instead of doing a garage sale in front of her house, she’s smart enough to post her pre-loved clothes and sell them online! I’m glad she did or else I won’t be able to get hold of her  nice dresses! 😀

Since I’m going back home for good and my brother and I are planning to open up a business once he’s well established on his job abroad, I’m thinking about opening up a store which will also showcase fab and chic clothing, apparels and accessories.  Anything that a lady would need! Well, I’m thinking about naming it after Lainy’s online business. I’m also planning to ask her to be my partner on my business plan. I’m not sure what’s her say on this but I think it’s a good idea especially if it has a business liability insurance.

I hope and pray Lainy is going to approve my business proposal. Her passion for fashion will be a great contribution to the business ones this plan comes to reality! :)


The Price Is Worth The Sunglasses

My tired eyes hurt whenever I get out of the office in the morning but I still haven’t bought myself new sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses are important for me to protect my eyes from the harshness of the sun especially that I work at nights and the sun is up and shining so bright when I go out of the office.

My friend, Raquel is selling original sunglasses. I’m planning to purchase one from her soon but I have to save some money for it. It’s a bit expensive but I’m pretty sure the price is worth it. I hope she’s got one of those arnette sunglasses since it has polycarbonate lenses which are scratch or impact resistant. I’m careless sometimes that’s why most of my cheap sunglasses don’t last. :)


Acquisitions From The Fab Chic’s Closet

I can’t wait to wear these acquisitions from The Fab Chic’s Closet!

A friend of ours who lives here in Manila is scheduled to go home to GenSan on Friday. I asked her a favor to bring the clothes with her when she goes back here in Manila.  I want to wear one of the dresses for our Church’s Mid-year Thanksgiving Anniversary on July 22. I hope it comes here on time! I’m really excited about my new dresses!


Excited About Going Back Home For Good

It’s only 3 or 4 months and I’ll be home sweet home for good! I’ll be going back to my beloved province, Polomolok, South Cotabato (which is a 20-minute ride from GenSan) to take care of my nephew and Mom. I’m excited about my new life!

I’ll be bringing a lot of my stuffs back home. I’m wondering if I can still bring a pet for my nephew. Will the airline allow me to bring a bird on board? If so, I’ll ask my brother to buy some decorative outdoor bird houses for a new pet at home. I’ll have to check on that anyway. 😀

I’m more excited about taking care and at the same time having fun with my nephew. I’ll be an Aunt and mother at the same time, I guess. Since his mom is working overseas and doesn’t say when she’s going back home. He’ll be left under my care and supervision once my brother takes off to also work as a nurse in the Middle East. I’m a cool Aunt, anyway so Brandon will have so much fun with me for sure. 😀


A Worrying Mom…

My Mom, being sick with Behçet’s disease worry too much financially. She’s worried that when she gets very sick, she wouldn’t have anymore money to use for her medication. Another thing she worries about is that when she turns 66 years old on March of next year, she won’t be able to use the health card I enrolled her for anymore. Even if I told her that I will have to check with the company if I can still continue to pay for her health card so she can still take advantage of all the health benefits of the health insurance company. I really haven’t checked other insurance companies and make comparisons of universal life insurance vs term life insurance. I still don’t have the time yet.

If only I can take away her pain and worries so she won’t get too ill, I will really do that. The thing is, she doesn’t even want to listen to whatever it is that I’m telling her. She just wanted to worry right now. And there’s nothing I can do about it. I just can’t see the point why she doesn’t want to listen to me. I hope I can find someone whom she will take good advises from.


The Fab Chic’s Closet Now Open For Business

You might be wondering what that photo above is for. Well, that is Lainy’s cover photo of her online clothing page – The Fab Chic’s Closet! This is what she said when she put up the page:

“As a result of my closet spring-cleaning, I have selected some clothes to be placed on sale and at very reasonable prices. Up for grabs are preloved clothes that’s never worn out. Items were rarely used. These are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. Worth every penny! Prices range as low as P30! Watch out for great selection of items to be uploaded very soon!”

As we all know, Lainy is a fashonista. She’s got a lot of clothes in her “CLOSETS” that she rarely wear. Now she don’t know what to do with most of them since she’s got new sets of clothes to fill her already-filled closet. So she thought about selling them! I was able to grab some of those pre-used yet very nice clothes! 😀 Here’s one of them:

There it is! A very nice dress at an affordable price!

There are lots of clothes available for grabs at her page. You can go ahead and click on the link above to like her page and make your own selection of those pretty clothes!


Game Of The Rich

Golf is a game of rich people. Let’s accept it. I never heard of anyone who played golf and had a rags-to-riches story. All of them who’s hobby is to smoothly swing that clubs can afford the expenses (from the accessories to paying for the caddies and golf club membership) are the rich people.

I myself haven’t gone to a golf tournament. I’m not one of the rich anyway who can also afford to buy golf gps anyway. But I hope I’d be able to watch a game once in my lifetime and see if it is boring game or not.