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Shameless Selfie #2: Skin Woes

I miss doing decent selfies. I haven’t done so for the longest time because of my skin woes- bumps,zits, acne, pimples or whatever you may wanna call them, I have them all! I feel awful and ugly at the sight of my own skin.

My breakouts were initially caused by the season change. The hormonal surges made it all the worse. There used to be only one zit that seats at either at my nose or at my jaw once a month. But recently, it has invaded my T-zone and it seems like there is no stopping them.

I wish I can call a ceasefire to my annoying breakouts. I still have not found a pregnancy-safe remedy. But for now, it is the least of my concerns. I can only wish I can revive the life of my skin post-pregnancy.

And you think it all stops there!

Lo and behold! I found the perfect spot where the blemishes can’t be too obvious when I take selfies and that’s infront of the wardrobe mirror. Hahaha! If there is one thing I love with the advent of technology, it has got to be filter application :-)

Mastering the art of selfie ;-)

Mastering the art of selfie ;-)

This photo was taken almost three weeks ago- nearly 12 weeks of my pregnancy. If you’re looking for a bump, it was hardly even there :-)

Who knows? In the coming weeks, I might just share one publicly. Another selfie? Perhaps! Hahahaha! ;-)

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Wardrobe Check #8: Bring Summer Back

I survived one month of extremely cold and frigid winter season. It will be over in two months but it feels like two years. Arrrghh!

For someone like me who is used to a tropical season all my life, I suppose you know where I am coming from and what exactly “extreme” means in my own standards. It did not help at all that I need to don up for work early mornings and the most hated part of it all is the commuting where I have to brave the cold for a few minutes while waiting for my train or bus to arrive.

And what about the breakouts? This is one thing that I need to seriously deal with. I feel so much displeasure at how my skin has been reacting to this nasty weather coupled with my hormones that has been out of whack. Now, now! This is certainly and purely a woman’s lament. LOL! I guess I need to separately write about my issues on this.

This is the time of the year where I could only wish to bring summertime back. I know it could really get too extreme in the Land Down Under when it’s summer but the brutal cold is unbearable as well. It’s a beautiful day in winter though when the sun is out but entirely ugly and deadly when it’s windy.

Please allow me to throw in some pictures last summer if only to break the silence at this blog. LOL!

All set for the weekend-ride

All set for the weekend-ride

The paparazzi's favorite shot. Hahaha!

The paparazzi’s favorite shot. Hahaha!

Two more months and I can’t wait to feel normal again. Hoping to have some beach escapades next summer. I will try to push it. Hahaha! ;-)

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Wardrobe Check #7: Wintry Temps in Autumn

It’s beginning to get real chilly out here especially in the morning and at night time. I am now bracing myself for the brutal cold of winter that is to come in two more weeks or so.

We still get beautiful warm sunny days in Autumn. However, in the early mornings when my Prince and I head out for Church on Sundays, we have got no choice but to bundle up or else, we’d go freezing.

Finance beauties at Western Sydney

Finance beauties at Western Sydney

If it’s enough consolation though, we don’t get snow in most parts of Australia. I must say it is a blessing. I don’t think I’d ever survive a snowy weather. Winter is fine minus the snow but I still feel miserable when this time of the year comes. I feel like everything’s gloomy around me. But when it’s a sunny day in winter, it’s just perfect!

I dread the thought that the wintry temps is just around the corner and I am not all too excited about it. All we could do is bundle up yet stay fab and chic. :D

With Co- Finance Officers striking a pose after Church

With Co- Finance Officers striking a pose after Church

Photo Credits: Sister Caroline

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Despite the Odds

If there are gadgets that are on Hot Deals, I would definitely give my brothers a heads up. As you very well know they are in a band and it has been their bread and butter for years. That made them a sucker for any musical instrument and gadgets that is essential for the band.

I must say that Kuerdas Band continues to thrive in the regional music scene despite so many odds. I wish one day they will get that big break that they have been aspiring for.

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Wardrobe Check #6: While It’s Still Warm in Autumn

I didn’t get the chance to wear this dress when it’s still summer. It’s autumn now in our neck of the woods but we still get some really good warm days.

I had to take the chance to sport out rather quickly the summer dress that was given to me as a present but my lovely blogpal Ivy.


Unlike the previous Wardrobe Check episodes, this post is not flooded by photos of yours truly. There were quite a few shots taken of this dress but I forgot to bring my sunnies. The glaring sunshine was hurting my eyes and it didn’t looked good on the photos. I hope this will suffice for the moment.

Thank you my beautiful friend Ivy for this beautiful dress and Twerlyn for the lovely earrings. I feel so lucky to have generous friends like you!

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