A Fab And Chic Business Plan

I have blogged about Lainy’s online business which she named after this blog – The Fab Chic’s Closet. Instead of doing a garage sale in front of her house, she’s smart enough to post her pre-loved clothes and sell them online! I’m glad she did or else I won’t be able to get hold of her  nice dresses! 😀

Since I’m going back home for good and my brother and I are planning to open up a business once he’s well established on his job abroad, I’m thinking about opening up a store which will also showcase fab and chic clothing, apparels and accessories.  Anything that a lady would need! Well, I’m thinking about naming it after Lainy’s online business. I’m also planning to ask her to be my partner on my business plan. I’m not sure what’s her say on this but I think it’s a good idea especially if it has a business liability insurance.

I hope and pray Lainy is going to approve my business proposal. Her passion for fashion will be a great contribution to the business ones this plan comes to reality! :)


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