Wardrobe Check #12: Black & White Ensemble

I seem to have a penchant for black and white theme lately. My social media presence will prove that as I have been filtering photos to make it look black and white. I just find it nice and a bit different from my usual.

 photo image_26.jpeg
Is it black or white?
 photo image_25.jpeg
Black & white ensemble

Today however, I didn’t do much alterations as my ensemble was black and white. I felt like wearing something funky so I thought a knee-length socks will do the trick; tunic with a thick jumper on top of it completed the whole ensemble.

Nothing dramatic.

The paparazzi in the form of my husband went to work undetected; he kept on taking snaps in all angles at every single opportunity. I should have known. Lol! 😂

 photo image_7.png
Talikod-genic. Lol! 😂

Shameless Selfie #3: Birthday Present

I fancied taking a shameless selfie sporting the sunnies that was generously given to me as a present by a dear great blogpal on my birthday last year. I “felt” beautiful when I was staring back at myself in between snaps. This sunnies must have some magic on it. Lol!

 photo image_23.jpeg