Wardrobe Check #11: Post-Pregnancy Outfits

It’s nearly two months since my last update here. I find it fitting to publish something old if only to keep this blog thriving. LOL!

This is an old dress of mine which became a favorite outfit going to work. It came especially handy pre and post pregnancy. And believe it or not, I also wore it till the seventh month of my pregnancy. That’s how functional this dress was for me.


It’s almost a month since I returned to work. I have not overhauled my wardrobe. I still heavily relied on my old clothing which only means I really need to shed off some pounds so I could wear them again. Lucky most of my clothes are made from stretchable fabrics, otherwise I would not be able to wear them at all. And READ: most of them were my clothes from the Philippines.


I never shopped here as much as I did in the Philippines. But when my son was born, I mostly shopped for him.

Ahh! Motherhood! :-)