The 5 Essential Garments for Your Man’s Wardrobe this Season

Is your man’s wardrobe in need of a bit of sprucing up? A good place to start when it comes to freshening up your man’s wardrobe is to get him a few good, essential pieces that can be worn with a multitude of other things that he already has. Some versatile clothes can be worn for more than one dress code and occasion – these are the clothing items you’ll want to start with so that he’s looking suave all year round without having to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Here are five essential garments that you should start with if you’re doing a little work on your man’s wardrobe.

1. A Denim Jacket

Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google

Has your man got a nice denim jacket? No, that doesn’t mean one that’s “artfully distressed” (i.e. full of holes or ripped). It means a nice, well-fitting, one-coloured denim jacket in consistent light blue, dark blue, black or white. If he doesn’t have one, this is the item you should start with. Paired with a nice shirt, like one of these from Politix, a jacket becomes the ultimate kind of neat street wear. It can also be worn with almost anything for a smart look.

2. A White Button-Up Shirt

This may seem simple, but it’s deceptively so. You’d be surprised how many men don’t actually have this in their wardrobe. A well-fitting, crisp, long-sleeved, button-up shirt is the most versatile item your man could possibly have; it can be worn casually, to work, under a suit, or just as is with a nice pair of jeans. If he doesn’t have one of these in his wardrobe (or if his current one has a few stains on it) then this item of clothing should be near the top of your shopping list.

3. A Pair of Well-Fitting, Dark Chinos

Chinos are a great item of clothing – not as casual as a pair of jeans, but not as black tie as suit pants. They’re the perfect in-between pants for smart casual and can be paired with endless combinations of jackets, shirts, belts and shoes. This is definitely an essential piece for the wardrobe.

4. Leather Boots

Looking at your man’s footwear, it’s probably time for something other than the standard sneakers and tattered old sandals. Every man should have a nice, polished pair of black leather shoes in his wardrobe – they can be worn with pretty much any pants for any occasion (except for the gym or the beach!)

5. A Good Quality Grey or Navy Blue Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts can actually look very smart during a cold weather when paired with a nice white crew-neck shirt, fitted dark jeans and new sneakers. Every man should keep this item of clothing in his jacket as it’s very versatile (it can be paired with shorts, jeans or chinos). Best of all, it’s a very comfortable and relaxing item to wear!

If your man’s wardrobe is in need of some work, start by presenting him with these five essential items – they’re very versatile and will have your man looking stylish innno time.