Wardrobe Check #9: Birthday Outfit

Now that it is beginning to feel warmer with the onset of summer, I can thankfully feel almost normal all over again.

I must confess that I am your summer kind of girl where I can just throw in something light and easy. Though it is still spring, it’s quite surprising that the weather hits the high 30’s.

I am not complaining. I would prefer it than bundling up in the brutal winter days.

As it is, I am now beginning to have a little bit of trouble choosing clothes that will fit my bulging tummy. I feel so fortunate though that I have quite a few clothes that are made from stretchy fabrics and they are still good to go for a couple of weeks more.

On my birthday, earlier weather forecasts depicted a warmer day. As we were preparing for dinner, I initially thought of donning up in leggings with a sleeveless top and a pair of wedge to go along with the entire ensemble.

However, my Prince encouraged me to bare some more skin and show off some veiny legs. Hahaha! The wifey that is me simply obeyed without any complaints. LOL!