Shameless Selfie #2: Skin Woes

I miss doing decent selfies. I haven’t done so for the longest time because of my skin woes- bumps,zits, acne, pimples or whatever you may wanna call them, I have them all! I feel awful and ugly at the sight of my own skin.

My breakouts were initially caused by the season change. The hormonal surges made it all the worse. There used to be only one zit that seats at either at my nose or at my jaw once a month. But recently, it has invaded my T-zone and it seems like there is no stopping them.

I wish I can call a ceasefire to my annoying breakouts. I still have not found a pregnancy-safe remedy. But for now, it is the least of my concerns. I can only wish I can revive the life of my skin post-pregnancy.

And you think it all stops there!

Lo and behold! I found the perfect spot where the blemishes can’t be too obvious when I take selfies and that’s infront of the wardrobe mirror. Hahaha! If there is one thing I love with the advent of technology, it has got to be filter application :-)

Mastering the art of selfie ;-)
Mastering the art of selfie 😉

This photo was taken almost three weeks ago- nearly 12 weeks of my pregnancy. If you’re looking for a bump, it was hardly even there :-)

Who knows? In the coming weeks, I might just share one publicly. Another selfie? Perhaps! Hahahaha! 😉