Wardrobe Check #8: Bring Summer Back

I survived one month of extremely cold and frigid winter season. It will be over in two months but it feels like two years. Arrrghh!

For someone like me who is used to a tropical season all my life, I suppose you know where I am coming from and what exactly “extreme” means in my own standards. It did not help at all that I need to don up for work early mornings and the most hated part of it all is the commuting where I have to brave the cold for a few minutes while waiting for my train or bus to arrive.

And what about the breakouts? This is one thing that I need to seriously deal with. I feel so much displeasure at how my skin has been reacting to this nasty weather coupled with my hormones that has been out of whack. Now, now! This is certainly and purely a woman’s lament. LOL! I guess I need to separately write about my issues on this.

This is the time of the year where I could only wish to bring summertime back. I know it could really get too extreme in the Land Down Under when it’s summer but the brutal cold is unbearable as well. It’s a beautiful day in winter though when the sun is out but entirely ugly and deadly when it’s windy.

Please allow me to throw in some pictures last summer if only to break the silence at this blog. LOL!

All set for the weekend-ride
All set for the weekend-ride
The paparazzi's favorite shot. Hahaha!
The paparazzi’s favorite shot. Hahaha!

Two more months and I can’t wait to feel normal again. Hoping to have some beach escapades next summer. I will try to push it. Hahaha! 😉