Wardrobe Check #6: While It’s Still Warm in Autumn

I didn’t get the chance to wear this dress when it’s still summer. It’s autumn now in our neck of the woods but we still get some really good warm days.

I had to take the chance to sport out rather quickly the summer dress that was given to me as a present but my lovely blogpal Ivy.


Unlike the previous Wardrobe Check episodes, this post is not flooded by photos of yours truly. There were quite a few shots taken of this dress but I forgot to bring my sunnies. The glaring sunshine was hurting my eyes and it didn’t looked good on the photos. I hope this will suffice for the moment.

Thank you my beautiful friend Ivy for this beautiful dress and Twerlyn for the lovely earrings. I feel so lucky to have generous friends like you!

Dream Come True

I would have loved to tell my brothers to order one gadget that they like to acquire but I can not do it just yet. It would require some saving up before I could freely do that. They would certainly be leaping for joy if it will materialize once day.

I am aware that they are aspiring for their own recording studio. One that they could rent out to their patrons per hour.

It would be a dream come true for them once that happens.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Lipstick: It’s Not Mine But It’s Meant To Be Mine

Last December, I bought my friend Twerlyn a YSL lipstick as a gift. She wrote about it H E R E. I ordered it online because I had no more time to do the purchase. The product is available only at Myer at a neighboring suburb.

YSL Lippy
YSL Lippy

While doing the online purchase, Myer’s website was acting up. There was an error. Thinking that my initial purchase attempt didn’t go through, I did the whole process again only to find out that the initial attempt was registered in their website. I ended up buying two similar items by error!

I phoned Myer’s Customer Service and complained that there is supposed to be only one item that I need to pay for. They acknowledged my complaint and apologized. It turned out that their system was down the minute I did the purchase. That was not my fault. I am just a willing paying customer and whatever internal error they have had in their system, the consumer must not bear the brunt.

I was instructed to wait for the items to be shipped to me and return the other one with a packing slip on it. Once returned, they will immediately reimburse me of the amount that I paid for.

True enough, one item reached me but I was thinking that the second item will be shipped only one day apart. So I returned it right away as instructed. However, I waited for the other item more than a month and READ: the suburb where I ordered the item from was just 15 minutes away and it took them that long to ship me that item I paid for.

Something must be amiss!

I phoned them again and again and again to track the item. It turned out that the second item was declared missing and they could no longer track it. So it was confirmed lost! Again, that was not my fault! It was so annoying because I would have wanted to send my gift by early January but because things got so messed up, I had no choice but to deal with it. They again instructed me to wait for the new lipstick that they’re gonna send in lieu of the lost item. I indicated this time that the item be shipped at my workplace so that I know right away once it’s delivered. The Customer Service Representative apologized to no end for the mishaps.

I was surprised when the lipstick was shipped at home!

I was raging mad! How dare they NOT take customer’s instructions carefully! I thought it’s gonna be sent at work! I can only grit my teeth in complete annoyance! I vowed to never do online business again with Myer. I sent off the lippy to my friend in the U.S. and I was happy she received it in less than 10 days!

However, a few days later, I received another YSL lipstick at work- with the same shade. Is this some kind of a joke?

The box that was shipped at work
The box that was shipped at work

I phoned Myer CSR and they told me it’s no longer in their system so I don’t have to return it. That’s just about it.

So OK. Fine! I’m gonna own a YSL lipstick worth $55 with shipping fee of $10 that I did NOT pay for! How lucky!

The YSL lipstick inside the box
The YSL lipstick inside the box
Happy me owning this one!
Happy me owning this one!

But when I come to think about it, I do deserve to get this lipstick for FREE because the stress that they put me through with this transaction was way too much! Myer is Australia’s largest store chain of mid-to-up-market department stores and they do customer service like that. How uncool!

All’s well that ends well. I just have to forget about the stress I have to put up with and enjoy my YSL lipstick, which is my friend Twerlyn’s dream lipstick by the way :-)

Choosing the Right Apron for Your Waitstaff

Whether you’re opening your own restaurant or just upgrading the uniforms of your subordinates, it’s important that you consider more than just cut and color when choosing waitstaff aprons. Before you start ordering cobbler uniforms in bulk, consider the following:


How much do you want the aprons to cover? Traditional waist aprons only protect the lower half of the body; bib aprons are fashioned for the bottom and the top. Bistro aprons go to the floor, covering the entirety of the waist and legs but nothing above the hips. Check out apron manufacturers like SharperUniforms.com to learn more about the various apron styles available for purchase.


Are your aprons meant for fashion or function? Linens and cottons are good enough if you just want something cheap with a lot of pockets. If you’re talking about protection from kitchen fires, however, you’ll need to invest in a cobbler apron made of nylon or polyester blends.


Your waitstaff offers the first impression to people coming through the door. What kind of image do you want to send? Do you want fun, colorful aprons that speak to a laid-back atmosphere, or are you a professional eatery that requires dignified uniforms? Will your employees be allowed to personalize their aprons? If so, how?

Washing Instructions

No customer wants to be seated by a waitress with a stained apron. Make sure all your employee apparel is machine washable and easy to scour with detergent sticks. If it’s too delicate to be scrubbed, it’s too delicate for real restaurant work.

Leaving All My Things Behind

When I rented out a pad in the Philippines, I bought my own laptop stand. It feels so comfy when I just want it at the living room when I lie down on the floor or sitting comfortably on my bed.

When I left my home country, it went automatic to my youngest brother who lives with my Mom. He actually owned most of my stuff while my TV and refrigerator and other home appliances went to my brother who’s now married. I would have wanted to sell it off but it’s a good feeling that they are able to use them.

Shameless Selfie #1

Alright! So here I go!

I previously expressed my intention of publishing Shameless Selfie series at this blog.

However, I had second thoughts because I might just scare off some people to come by this blog. QUE HORROR!!! Hahaha!

Anyhow, I might just do it every once in a while. Don’t you worry, it wouldn’t be a regular thing. Only when I feel like it 😉

It was one weekend while we were about to go out when I did some selfie tricks. Hahaha!

Shameless Selfie #1
Shameless Selfie #1

Joining the selfie bandwagon seems cool! Yet, it was never easy!

I had to do a lot of takes coz I didn’t like a lot of them. Hahaha! :-)

5 Things That May Be Affecting Your Quality of Work

When it comes to work, we all want to be performing at our best. Whether it’s a raise, a promotion, career advancement, or the respect of our colleagues, doing well in the workplace can make the difference between waking up excited to go to work and wishing every day was a Friday.

1. Sleep

Inline images 1
Image source: Joy from Flickr

To make something of yourself in the fast-paced, digital workplace of the 21st century, mattress quality is essential. Why? Because without consistent and comfortable sleep, anyone can struggle to meet their daily goals and deliver top results. People who get adequate and solid sleep are more able to concentrate for long periods of time, pay attention to details and remain positive and productive, even under tight deadlines and stressful situations. When you consider the importance of these abilities, you can see why a decent night’s sleep will do more for your career than a restless sleep and a wake-up coffee. So if you feel the quality of your work could be improved if you could only focus longer and think more efficiently, upgrading your mattress (like swapping your old uncomfortable one for the latex mattress Australia has come to love) for a healthier sleeping pattern might do the trick.

2. Diet

We all know that eating well is important for our physical health, but we often forget just how much the food we eat can influence our mental health and academic abilities. A diet with plenty of variety, including a generous amount of fruit and vegies, can truly boost your brainpower. This helps you think faster on your feet, come up with creative strategies and solutions to problems at work and can also help you stay motivated and optimistic in the workplace. These benefits come in very handy when you’re looking for a door to open into a higher position or a better salary!

3. Environment

The people and atmosphere that surround you in your workplace can make a crucial difference to whether your work quality is your best. Friendly and cooperative co-workers can assist you with meeting and exceeding work goals while also inspiring you to consistently push yourself and improve the quality of your work. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much control over our work environment. However, we do have control over ourselves; we can choose to immerse ourselves in a work culture that we recognise as positive and conducive to good work, or work more independently if we realise that our work environment is not a productive one.

4. Water

We’ve heard it all before: you don’t drink enough water. But we often don’t realise that dehydration – whether we notice it or not – can affect our ability to work effectively for long durations. Simply drinking water throughout the day can help us stay on track and keep our energy levels up, which makes a subtle but significant difference to the quality of our work. For people who work in trades, such as builders, drinking enough water is just common sense. But for those of us who work in an office, we often forget that water consumption is just as important for us as it is for those who do manual labour. Try getting through two or three glasses of water during your workday and see how much difference it can make!

5. The Right Job

This one is probably the simplest of the five: if you’re not interested and passionate about the job you’re doing, it will show in the quality of your work. Though some people have the rare ability to ‘fake it’ and perform at their best in just about anything they do, the fact is that most people will only give 100% when they’re working on something they actually care about. If you feel that you’re not trying your hardest in your job because it simply doesn’t appeal to you, it may be time to look for a new career – something that actually engages your interest and rewards your talents. Because, at the end of the day, enthusiasm and enjoyment will naturally lead you to deliver the best possible results.

Sleep, diet, environment, water and being in the right job are five things that can make a big difference to your quality of work. If you genuinely want the working aspect of your life to be rich and rewarding, rather than just paying the bills, it’s essential that you check that you’re striving to achieve positive outcomes in all of the above areas.