I Wish Him Luck and Success!

My brother’s sound system business is thriving. I am not too sure if he already got a hummingbird acoustic but I am deeply aware that he knows what he is doing. He has been trying to buy all the equipment and gadget he needs to meet the requirement of his clients on certain occasions.

It must be pure hardwork and determination for him to be able to thrive in this business. I do wish him luck and success!

My Little Brother’s Lights and Sounds Business

My brother had officially kicked off his lights and sounds business in the second quarter of this year. He had to purchase a great mixer lift and other mixer combos in order to cater to the demand of special bookings such as various parties- zumba party, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, full-band set up and many more.

He was fully booked prior to the Band’s departure to Boracay for two months. I am not too sure if he got some bookings after he came back.

I hope this business will work and they could generate some profit out of it. I’d say, they need to market it well and good. It helped that they are already affiliated to the local music industry so they have a few contacts.

Wardrobe Check #2

It’s now summer in our neck of the woods. It’s the perfect time to sport out that comfy outfits. It’s the only time of the year when I feel normal out here in Australia. LOL!

Tell me about it. In the Philippines, it’s the usual outfit. But out here, I have got to wait for summer. What a bummer, right?

It was the usual day out on a weekend with my Prince and yes! He is once more my official photo taker! As long as it’s in the parking lot where there’s obviously only cars, he’s cool about being my official photographer. Hahaha! 😉

This is his favorite angle. LOL!
This is his favorite angle. LOL!
He can't get enough of that so he had to take one more snap. Hahaha!
He can’t get enough of that so he had to take one more snap. Hahaha!
No- look pose. Hahaha!
No- look pose. Hahaha!

Please take note that I have to gather every trick I could muster with that “no- look, no-smile” projection. You’d rarely see me not smiling when infront of the camera. Hahaha!

One more attempt, Darling! LOL!
One more attempt, Darling! LOL!
This is my normal ;-)
This is my normal 😉
Motto: Projection is the key. Hahaha!
Motto: Projection is the key. Hahaha!
We better get going. Enough is enough!
We better get going. Enough is enough!

Alright. I was able to withstand the excruciating heat of the sun just to be able to make do with this pictorial. Hahaha! But honestly, it was freaking hot and sticky! This is Australia’s summer heat, baby!

Top: Penshoppe
Footwear: Naturalizer
Watch: Casio (Japan)
Bangles: Gift from a friend
Sunnies: Mossimo
Bottom: Freego

Reserve It Online

Isn’t it cool and smooth when you utilize the services of RestRant to book any special occasion with your loveones?

I have not heard of this until I bumped into the website myself. It is the perfect website for busy people who can not take the time to reserve a booking in person.

Now it is done so easy! All you need is an internet connection! How cool, right?

Now I shall be using their services for future special events in the family. That’s gonna be for my Prince’s birthday :-)

Estee Lauder Eyeliner, Lipstick, Summer Dress, & Boots from New York With Love

As you may have noticed by now, I am pampered by some virtual friends. It is such a wonderful feeling when friends go the extra mile to make me feel very special and loved.

Ivy of Glamorous Chic is one of my featured BFFs at my blog. She’s one amongst the few pioneering blogpals I ever had when I started out blogging 7 years ago. I actually consider her as my mentor with the “ins” and “outs” of blogging. Whatever little know- how I’ve learned, I got most if it from her. I couldn’t be more grateful for her; she patiently held my hand and guided me through until I finally learned the ropes of blogging.

Since then, it was pure joy to be her online friend. Please take note that we never ever met just yet but the connection is for real!

I was told last year that she bought a summer dress for me. But because she was very busy with work, she never managed to send it my way until the beginning of this year.

It was no longer a surprise when I got a box of lovely girly items from this beautiful and sexy fella 😉

The lovely summer dress
The lovely summer dress
Estee Lauder lippy
Estee Lauder lippy

I can hardly believe I got my 5th lipstick! And it’s just the first month of the year! Would that mean I will be counting off some more lippies the whole year round? Hahaha!

Estee Lauder eyeshadow
Estee Lauder eyeshadow
This I love so much! ;-)
This I love so much! 😉
The brushes!
The brushes!
The girly stuffs!
The girly stuffs!

Last but not the least, she gave me this very sexy footwear. I certainly can’t wait for winter!

The sexy boots
The sexy boots

Can’t you see how generous and sweet she is? She is actually that and more! I sincerely appreciate the friendship I’ve shared with her. It’s amazing to have shared this kind of special bond virtually. That’s one of the perks of blogging that can not be bought by any amount of money!

Again, thank you Ayvz for this beautiful gifts! You truly made me happy! :-)


My husband owns a keyboard stand but not stands for guitar.

He is musically inclined in the sense that he wants mixing his own music, composing his own songs, creating his own rhythm and downloading music of unsigned artists but he is not into guitars.

I make sure that he still gets to do these things during his “me” time which is always every night. LOL!

Anyhow, coming from a musically inclined family, I get a full understanding of what and how he feels for this passion and he got me backing him up 100%.

Watchaholic I Am

I never owned TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 watches just yet but I know most of the girls would love to have it.

I love timepieces! It is for that reason that I particularly asked as watch for a gift from my Prince. For me, it was a bit heftily priced but he did not mind at all. He felt the need to pamper me for being such a good girl for one day. Hahaha!

From Twerlyn With Love- Mac, Revlon Lipsticks, & Etc.

I’ve got something in the mail today!

I felt very excited as I was opening the parcel. I have been expecting it to be delivered in our doorstep so it was no big surprise at all.

However, I was expecting to receive only one lippy but there I saw three different shades of lipsticks for me!


Yes siree!

The Mac Lipsticks, Revlon and Mascara
The Mac Lipsticks, Revlon and Mascara

Indeed, I was the happiest girl in the world today!

Not only that, I also got a pair of fashionable earrings which I love to bits; a mascara and my ever reliant deodorant which I have been using for a couple of years now.

I can't wait to show this off!!! ;-)
I can’t wait to show this off!!! 😉

These were all gifted to me by my very generous, sweet and lovely longest-running pal- online and offline- all the way from California, USA- Twerlyn.

The goodies
The goodies

She also sent me a heartfelt holiday card with the photographs of her beautiful family.

Pascoe Family
Pascoe Family
The lovely message ;-)
The lovely message ;-)

Isn’t that a wonderful way to start out the year? It is indescribable when friends go out of their way to make me feel very special and loved. It’s simply awesome!

I am very blessed to be surrounded with good genuine pals and for that I am truly grateful!

Thank you Twerlyn for the gift of your long standing friendship. Over the years, you never failed me and you’ve always been the supportive, loyal, great friend that I could ever have! Please know that having you for a friend is one of my unspeakable gifts.

Miss and love you so!


He Knows What He Is Doing

Have you heard of the famed compressor 4 at musicians friend? Well, my younger brother is planning of acquiring one. As a musician himself, he knows its quality and the usefulness of this nice gadget. He already did a lot of browsing online and reading at forums to know more of the gadget and he was pretty satisfied.

At least, he knows what he is doing. That is the main thing.

4 Stylish Essentials For Your Next Summer Getaway By Keryn Thomson

It’s not just the heat (well it could be) you’re perspiring at the thought of deciding what to pack for your summer adventure. I don’t blame you, I could be escaping for a mere weekend getaway but end up taking everything but the kitchen sink – heck, I’d probably take the kitchen sink if I could! Ok let’s be realistic, maybe not the kitchen sink – but at least three large bags full of irrelevant items of clothing, shoes and accessories. Deciding what to take is never an easy feat, after all, you never know when you’re going to need your snazziest seven inch heels at the beach resort, right? The key to packing for a summer escapes is practicality; items should be low maintenance, versatile, double from day to night wear seamlessly and be lightweight to cope with extreme heats. Whether you are spending a week frolicking in the Whitsundays or a weekend stay in The Hamptons, here are the essentials you shouldn’t leave off your packing list.


Lazing around, reading a book or splashing around in the pool is a super fun and relaxing way to spend a day, but you’ve got to remember to protect those peepers. A stylish pair of sunglasses with high levels of UV protection is crucial to preventing your eyes from being burnt by the suns damaging rays.

Maxi Dress

Beach styling calls for versatility from a minimum range of clothing items. A day spent on the sand has a curious way of leading to a night of cocktails with the new friends you’ve met so you need to be prepared. A maxi dress ticks all the criteria for being a multipurpose day to night clothing item; you can wear it as a cover up at the beach with a pair of flip flops, and when you need to spruce it up, all you need is a set of fashionable wedges and your favourite accessories.

Travel Wallet

Between the mountains of luggage, a jacket for the plane, and delicious snacks you’ve picked up at the candy bar, it’s safe to say that you need at least six arms for travelling. Utilising a nifty little contraption to make all of this lugging and sifting through the bottomless pit of your bag is always a good thing. A travel wallet comes in extremely handy to keep your boarding pass, travel money oz cash passport , itinerary, cards, passport and cash compartmentalised in the one spot.

Oversized Scarf

Scarfs are another one of those pieces that give the wearer so many uses. One minute it’s a blanket to keep you warm on the plane, the next moment you can wrap it around your waist as you saunter down to the pool or beach. As the sun begins to set, you can also use it as a shall to fight off the cool night air.

What about you? Have you recently been on a summer vacation? What essential items could you not live without? Let us know in the comments below.