Wardrobe Check #1

I have been meaning to publish the outfit of the day entries out here but could not seem to get the chance. I am the Queen of Procrastination- no less. LOL!

We do attend Church twice a week. That is the only time I don myself up and I go to such length as choosing carefully what I wear to be pleasing in the eyes of God.

My preparation would depend on what occasion I go to. Church days for me is casual outfits and I have gotten so used to preparing myself up since I was a kid.

The outfit up close
The outfit up close

I have never tried on any skirt and top for a while. I have always worn casual straight dresses. I felt refreshed with this outfit.

From afar
From afar
Spell project! Hahaha!
Candid from behind
Candid from behind
Sunny summer day
Sunny summer day


I was lucky I have got a photographer that never stops pressing the shutter. LOL!

I am sure he is slowly getting a hang of being married to a blogger :-)

Top: Marks and Spencer
Skirt: Brandless bought from a thrift store
Footwear: Gibi
Bag & Accessories: SM Mall of Gensan
Sunnies: Swarovzki

Filipinos Love for Music

I never ever tried to perform on stage except when I sing on videoke, hahaha! Obviously, numark cd player at guitar center if familiar to me.

Filipinos are very well known for their love for music thus the famed karaoke and videoke singing. A home isn’t a home when there’s no videoke singing by each of the family members- I am speaking for my own family that is, hahaha!

Organic Oils For Me

During one of my routinary walks at lunchbreak, I took time out to go in one of the healthiest shops that was ever introduced to me.

One of my work colleagues told me that to remedy my worsening breakouts, I need to go get some tea tree oil. She further told me that she was using it herself and that’s the only thing she does and everything went fine.

I was a bit desperate to find a solution to my case hence, I never hesitated to heed her advice. She also mentioned to get a rose hip oil to fight wrinkles and ageing. When she mentioned Rose Hip, I told her that is also perfect for scars as I have used it in the past. I never knew it’s also good for the wrinkles and she had no idea it’s good for the scars. LOL!

True enough, I found the shop she said I should go to.

And I didn’t have any second thoughts in buying the tea tree oil and the rose hip.

Tea tree oil for breakouts
Tea tree oil for breakouts
Organic rose hip
Organic rose hip
The brand
The brand
Indications and benefits
Indications and benefits
The price I paid
The price I paid

It’s a bit pricey but I am aware that organic products are indeed way too expensive. I have got to try it out for myself.

Personally, I believe in the power of Rose Hip. I am just hoping I will derive positive results from religiously using it.

Passion for Music

I have never heard of Ahead Drums until my brothers made a mention of it to me during one of their band practices.

At the time, the group was groping as they were still in a hunt of a regular drummer who can commit himself to the Band. They were looking for someone who is not only good at his own craft but someone who is passionate about music.

Band members come and go but any member that comes will always imbibe in them that very special Kuerdas passion for music.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

If you’re anything like me, you leave your Christmas shopping right to the last minute and then… freak out! Also got a husband who’s really hard to buy gifts for? Don’t fret, help is at hand. The one universal and unifying characteristic of the male version of our species is their love of sport. With that in mind, here are my top five picks for your bloke’s Chrissie present this year, all available online from Mick Simmons Sports Store .

1. Official Cricket Australia apparel

Auckland Warriors 1995 Retro Jersey
Photo not mine

For most Aussie blokes, summer = cricket; simple. It’s that time of year in our house when the cricket theme song or the sound of cricket being played and the associated commentary; is a constant feature. I’ve learnt to zone out, it’s become like white noise to me!

Right now, the cricket world is abuzz as the Ashes Test Series is on, and it’s a very special one. Since the Ashes began in 1882 in bonny Britain, it has been played every four years, alternating between here and England. This year however, the series began in England and a second round of tests is currently being played here to decide the winner.

Help your man get behind Michael Clarke and the boys by getting him a 2013/14 Cricket Australia match shirt. With domestic matches and one day internationals about to start in the New Year, he’ll feel like he’s really at the match in his official replica shirt.

Official football apparel

One code of footie isn’t enough for Aussies. We need four. Aussie rules (AFL), rugby (rugby union), league (rugby league) and of course, soccer (or football as it’s called in all other parts of the world). The passion and fervour for footie in Australia is something of an institution. Is your husband or partner practically glued to the TV when his beloved team are playing? Can you hear him roar the next suburb over when his team win a game or sob in disbelief is they lose? That kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded with official replica team jerseys so your bloke can feel like he’s at the game.

Official NBA gear

Is your man obsessed by American basketball? Got cable TV or he’s been staying up ‘til the wee hours of the morning to watch live coverage? If so, make his Christmas by celebrating his commitment to his team with an official replica NBA team jersey.

Sports footwear

Does your man play footie or looking to start? Maybe he’s into running or walking or talking about starting a fitness program as part of his New Year resolution! If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then give him a helping hand by getting his footwear sorted.

Fitness apparel

For men who are serious about their health and fitness, help them take their training to the next level by investing in some Skins compression gear. Engineered for the serious athlete, compression garments helps the wearer to recover and perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

So get online and buy your special guy something that will help him improve his own health and fitness or bring a tear to his eye every time his footy, cricket or NBA team play a game.

5 Style Tips for University Students

I know, I know, you’re only just getting into summer after finally finishing classes for the year, and next semester’s uni is the last thing on your mind. But while you might be able to ignore your reading lists and assessment items until just before a due date, there’s one aspect of your university life that it pays to think about ahead of time: how to look good on a student budget, during what is surely one of the least stylish periods of your life.

Try anything once

Photo grabbed

One great thing about university as opposed to high school – or, you know, most real workplaces – is its lack of real dress code. The world is your sartorial oyster, and there is no better time to experiment with any fashion choices you’ve secretly always wanted to try. Dip-dyed pink hair? Go for it. Piercings? The more the merrier. Doc Martens and too much black? Well, everyone tries it at least once. Maybe you’re an unrealised hat person, or have always thought deep down you’d suit bright red lipstick and full-skirted vintage dresses. What have you got to lose by trying?

Make like an onion

That is, try dressing in layers. Online fashion stores like Stylekeepers are a quick and easy way to stock up on basic building blocks that you can put together in a bunch of different ways – you get variety in your university wardrobe without breaking the bank. Stock up on simple tops and shorts, overshirts, tights to add under outfits in winter, and a light jacket or two, and you’re set.

From a practical standpoint, this will counteract any overzealous library air conditioning, as well as allowing you to shed unnecessary fabric if you find yourself lazing on the sunny quad instead of attending classes.

Made for walking

An unfortunate reality of being a student is the physical legwork that goes in to it. Don’t be that poor girl mincing agonizingly across the campus in pretty heels. It’s easy to find comfortable shoes that still look good (read: no Crocs required). Birkenstock-style leather sandals are everywhere at the moment; otherwise, check out flat-soled boots or brightly coloured low tops.

Baby got back(pack)

Or tote, or satchel, if that’s what you’re in to. Another necessary staple of uni life that doesn’t have to clash with your personal style. A lot of chain stores now carry cute bags easily big enough to fit a laptop and some books, with new colours and patterns on offer every season. If you’re feeling artistic, pick up a canvas backpack for next to nothing from an Army Surplus store and decorate it yourself.

Mix it up

Get creative! Another easy way to save money without wearing the same jeans every day for six months is by recycling your own wardrobe. Mix and match pieces that you’d never normally pair together and see how it feels, whether it’s studded ankle boots with a pastel sundress, or a new-season crop top worn over an old t-shirt.

Comfortable Naturalizer Sneakers

I haven’t had any Naturalizer shoe brand before. Its price range varies.

For sneakers, it ranges between 3K to 4K. I think it’s a lot more expensive than my favorite Converse shoes :-)

Naturalizer sneakers
Naturalizer sneakers

I love to wear my Naturalizer shoes on casual occasions. It is usually when I sport out shorts or I am wearing mini skirts.

Wearing with a mini skirt
Wearing with a mini skirt
With my short, short shorts! LOL!
With my short, short shorts! LOL!

What I love with this shoes is that it is very comfortable. My feet does not hurt at all and it is very light. Just perfect for casual fun outdoor.

Very comfy!
Very comfy!

5 Things You Must Know to Understand Your Heart Rate

By Robert Barlow
The Heart Rate is a simple and direct method of understanding your level of health and physical fitness. However things like this do get a little confusing if you go into them unaware of a few key facts on the subject. Here are a few details you need to understand to accurately measure and understand your heart rate.

The Difference Between Active and Resting Heart Rate

You can’t just take your pulse, measure the heart rate at any point and simply call it a day. There is a distinct difference between your heart rate after you’ve just been active and exercising and the heart rate you normally have. The healthy and optimum ranges are a fair distance apart and you need to ensure that you’re measuring yourself to the right standard.

Point of Contact

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor
Photo grabbed

If you’re testing your pulse by hand you start by establishing a simple point of contact, wrist and neck will probably be your best bet. Take the middle and index finger and press the tips firmly against the pulse point to ensure you don’t miss anything. On the other hand if you feel like getting serious you can pick up a monitor from any fitness store or a website like www.micksimmons.com.au .

What the Heart Rate Means

If you’ve just finished your workout heart rate is a good way of measuring how hard you worked and what you’ve done. If you’re resting it’s a good way to measure your basic health. At the end of the workout take your pulse. If you’re south of your target BPM you can push yourself a little harder, if you’re north of it, back off next time. As for the resting, it’s a measure of your general blood pressure and health. If you’re around the optimum range for your age, you’re healthy.

There are Many Factors to Your Heart Rate

There are many things other than your level of physical fitness that will affect your heart rate in various ways. For example when temperature and humidity are high it can increase your heart rate If you’re trying to fine tune things for the perfect heart rate you’ll have to take that into account. Also if you position your body in certain ways you can change the BPM, ideally it would be wise to stand or lay as straight as possible to avoid confusion.

This Isn’t Exact

Heart rate is a good general measure of physical fitness, but it isn’t the only measure and it isn’t exact. So make sure you use other methods of making sure of your fitness and you should make sure to use them. If things don’t make sense, get irregular, get strange, call a doctor. This shouldn’t be used as a substitute for proper physical checks and maintenance.

Once you have a handle on taking your pulse there shouldn’t be any kind of significant problem taking your pulse and using it as a general measure of your physical health and fitness.

A Cheaper Way to a Mobile Phone?

A mobile phone is regarded as an essential device these days. Almost everyone has one, and there are plenty of people out there who have more than one. The world is a vastly changed place from even five years ago, and in terms of telecommunications, we’ve come on in leaps and bounds. To most people this is a good thing, but of course, progress of this kind almost always comes with a monetary cost. The very notion of buying a new phone, often for figures in excess of £500 is out of the question for many people, but of course this is the kind of figure that is attached to high end devices which are desired by many. The options available to people who don’t have that sort of financial clout straight off the bat are not always that good either. A huge proportion of the people who own the best phones on the market tend to take out high cost contracts which can be repaid over the course of two years, which of course reduces the initial payment, but when you start to analyse the cost of such a contract, we have to question the sense in opting for this sort of contract.

High Cost Mobiles

If you are looking at purchasing a top mobile phone, along with a contract that gives you a good number of minutes, texts and the all important mobile data, the likelihood is that you are going to be paying around £35 per month for two years, which equates roughly to £840 for the duration. Add on to this the inevitable expenditure on things like apps, calls that don’t fall within your allowance and other things like picture messaging, and there’s every chance that you end up paying around £1000 for the privilege. When viewed in this light, it’s not so appealing!

Good Value SIM Only Deals

Of course, it’s hard to find a solution, but for a growing number of people, the answer is very often a SIM only deal. The basis of this is to purchase a phone outright, and buy a contract that only applies to the SIM card that you insert into your mobile device. The advantages in doing something like this are many and varied. First of all, there is the benefit of being able to carefully choose the phone which is right for you, not just in terms of its capabilities, but also in terms of the sort of money you have available to spend. Put simply, this sort of purchase helps you to regulate your spending, and if you can only afford a mid range phone, then at least you are not spending money that you don’t really have. Secondly, it allows you to choose a data plan that is both right for you, and generally speaking, better value.

Flexibility for All Users

This will of course depend on the way you use your phone. If you prefer to spend your time with your phone using it for the internet and wireless conversations, then going for an unlimited web browsing SIM card may be the right option for you. You should find that between £10 and £15 for a rolling 30 day contract, you should be able to find a deal that offers a good number of minutes and texts, along with unlimited data allowance, of course subject to that particular carrier’s general terms and conditions. If your use centres much more closely on calls and text messages, and you don’t have much of a need for internet browsing, then you should be able to find a contract for between £5 and £10 that gives you the minutes you need. These prices are of course a far cry from what you would normally be expected to pay for a 24 month contract with an expensive phone.

Best of Both Worlds

Naturally there will be people out there who want a phone that is high spec as well as offering a high data allowance along with significant call time. It’s easy to assume under these circumstances that a long term contract is going to be the best option, but it is very rarely the case. Even spending £500 on a phone at the outset, and following a 30 rolling contract situation with a SIM only phone for a two year period, you can very often get what you need for around £860, factoring for a £15 per month SIM only contract, which should provide you with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile data. Even if you factor in spending £550 or thereabouts on an iPhone, you are still looking at an overall cost of around £910 for two years use, which is certainly significantly cheaper than an equivalent deal for an iPhone along with unlimited everything. SIM only deals are fantastic for those people looking to find the best deal, and who are looking for the flexibility we should be able to expect in this advanced age of the mobile phone!

Laura Ginn is a tech blogger with a real eye for mobile phone deals that don’t hit the wallet too hard.