Swarovzki: The Most Expensive Sunnies I’ve Ever Owned

I have known Swarovzki for their glittery jewelries. I am a fan of some of their iconic items. In fact, I own a Swarovzki watch, earrings, and pendants.

However, when I was looking for a good brand of sunglasses, I didn’t know Swarovzki also have them.

Swarovzli Sunnies
Swarovzli Sunnies

It was put on sale when it was purchased. From the original hefty amount of almost PhP 30K, it was less 30%. Not too bad at all.

The quality was indeed very impressive. I don’t often believe that quality always comes with a price but in this instance, I do. There were times when I got so careless and I had it dropped countless times but it is still all good as of this time.

Very happy to have owned this!
Very happy to have owned this!

I was very happy to have owned the most expensive sunglasses in my entire life! I think I will take ownership of it for a decade or so :-)

Glam sunnies
Glam sunnies

My Salutation to the Various Artists of Gensan

I am not too sure if my brothers used Guild Guitars when they recorded the tribute song for the Yolanda victims. I feel proud of them because at the time of distress, they used their craft and artistry to give motivation and inspiration to the helpless victims of the typhoon.

These artists recorded the song pro bono. In this time when they also needed the money, they knew as to when they could utilize their gifts for the greater good and not to expect anything in return.

My salutation to Kuerdas Band and the various artists of Gensan!

A Lot of Things To Be Done

We cleaned out the house last weekend and thrown out a lot of rubbish. There’s a lot of clothing too that were donated to charities here. It is such a good thing that my husband has got a mixer lift from here. It made life easier while doing our tasks.

There’s still a lot of things to be done but we are slowly getting there.

I can’t wait till I have my new home/ office desk.

Kuerdas Bands’ Resilience

How important is epiphone nighthawk for Kuerdas Band, one day I asked my brothers? Though they gave me a vague answer at the time coz I barged in while doing their rehearsals, I was quite satisfied with their answers.

For a band who continues to hone their craft and musicality, Kuerdas was able to withstand the test of time. Despite the crisis felt in the music industry they continue to thrive and I believe they have been very resilient over the years.

The Most Expensive Hair Makeover I Ever Had

My hair gets easily dry, frizzy and unmanageable when I don’t undergo hair treatment in a matter of three (3) months. When the hair gets untreated for that length of time, it gets freaking annoying and it makes me feel so ugly. LOL!

I never really do anything drastic with my hair. I don’t go for hair rebonding or any other invasive treatments that could cause further damage to my already dry and damaged hair. I only opt for hair treatments like hotoil, hairwax and cellophane.

Last May, I decided to try something new. They said it’s more effective than the previous hair treatments that I have had. So I was convinced! True enough, I loved the outcome and the effect on my hair was fab!

As I have earlier mentioned, I need to maintain my hair every 3 months or else, I would go nuts. LOL!

My hair has gotten worse this time.

The split ends! ;-/
The split ends! ;-/

So I did another keratin treatment.

After treatment photos :-)
After treatment photos :-)

I was happy with the results but my pocket wasn’t. It was overly expensive!

I should search for another salon that offers cheaper services for Keratin treatment the next time out.