5 Creative Store Signage Ideas

Store signage forms an integral part of the shops overall appeal. If you are thinking about designing a store sign, and are looking for some creative ideas, here are five different types of signage that you may want to consider.

Photo not mine
Photo not mine

Moss Text

Why not have your sign literally come alive? Moss text, or moss graffiti, is a great way to have your store sign passively advertise. Creating moss text is easy, start off by finding or buying moss. Then wash the moss to remove as much soil as possible. For every small handful of moss add, 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt, 2 cups of water, 1/2tsp of sugar and corn syrup if the mixture is too watery. The end mixture should be paint-like and can be applied with a paintbrush. Make sure it gets moderate sunlight and spray it with a water mist if necessary.

Anamorphic Typography

Anamorphic typography is text that forms a complete picture from a specific vantage point (perspective). Effectively the sign is spit up and warped so that unless the customer is standing in the right position, the words wont make sense. People are curious and often will try and find just the right point where it makes sense, this draws the customer in and they will remember the sign.

Text Images

Using a collection of images to create a word or logo, is a great way to engage passers by. Why not create a sign out of images that spell out the name of your store? You could also reverse it and use the name of your store to create a related image. Text images are fun and easy to design they can be made out of anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Laser Cut Text

Today it is easy to find companies willing to laser cut or mill text for signage. A laser cuter can cut out any typeface. The letters can be used or the negative or outline of the letters of can be used. Laser cutters are extremely accurate and can cut intricate and detailed patterns and designs. Depending on the laser cutter a wide-range of materials can be used including plastic, plywood, metal and even stone.

Mosaic Type

Mosaic is an ancient form of signage, however, it is very easy to do. Simply use a concrete or a cement mix to hold tiles in place. Mosaic tiles, however, can be anything you want from square ceramic tiles to mirrored tiles or even recycled bottle caps and stones. When making a mosaic, select the tiles based on the aesthetic of the rest of the store.

Signage is important for any store. It doesn’t matter if you are in a busy shopping mall of in a small rural town. The design of your sign delivers a message to potential customers and is key to drawing in foot traffic. Make sure your sign suits your store if you are looking for more ideas or assistance look up Tu Projects AUS .

By Grace Patterson

How To Choose Men’s Jackets

If you’ve been thinking about different ways to stay warm this winter, chances are that you’ve realized how many different options there are when it comes to men’s jackets. After all, you can shop at a local store or even online at a site like luxurylane.com. No matter where you choose to shop, it’s important that you choose a comfortable, stylish jacket to keep warm.

If you’re shopping for a special man in your life, make sure you know his jacket size before you head to the store. Keep in mind that jackets tend to fit differently than shirts do, so if you aren’t sure on his jacket size, you can measure him at home or take him to a store to be professionally measured.

One of the first things you’ll generally look at is how colorful or stylish the jacket is. Definitely choose something that will go well with your clothes or your man’s clothes. It’s useless to buy a nice jacket if you don’t have anything to wear with it. The other important factor to consider is how often you’ll wear the jacket and how warm it is. If you’re going to wear the jacket on a daily basis, you need to make sure it is as warm as possible to protect your body during the chilly winter months.

Timepiece For My Birthday

My natal day is fast approaching. Apart from wishing for the non-material things that lasts forever such as love, joy, health, happiness and contentment, one of the wish lists I have was a good timepiece.

As you know, I am such a hoarder of different watches from various watch selection.

For my birthday, I wish it will be granted. I shall update you once it does :-)

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Property Value

No matter which way you look at it, property is a big investment. If you are looking to sell your home here are 5 easy tips to consider if you want to increase your property’s value.

Patch and Paint

If you are renovating or looking to sell an old or out-dated house an easy way to rejuvenate is to re-paint. Patching up cracks or chips in walls is important if you are looking to sell, because the perceived value of a house is often determined by the quality of finish. A fresh or contemporary coat of paint can change the feel of a house both inside and outdoors. Although painting can take some time, anyone can do it, just make sure you select the right paint for the job.

Curb Appeal

They say first impressions last; the same is true for property. A potential buyer’s first impression will influence how valuable they think the property is. So making a good first impression is important. Make sure your front yard is neat and tidy and that the exterior of the house looks fresh and clean.

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

An unkempt garden is sure to negatively impact a buyer’s point of view. By choosing low maintenance plants and keeping on top of weed, you can keep your garden neat and tidy. If your garden is out dated or needs a revamp consider landscaping. Well-designed landscaping can change a yard into a wonderland. Even if you have limited space, a good-looking garden is sure to impress buyers.

Add a Deck or Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is a valuable asset to have in a home. Not only does it encourage the family to spend time outside, it can be a great entertainment space. A deck can activate a garden by adding an ideal place to have a barbeque or have a few drinks, whilst keeping cool. Adding a deck or outdoor living space can vary greatly in price, but by finding something that fits your budget, you can greatly enhance the value of your property.

Consider a Pool

Photo not mine
Photo not mine
Adding a pool might be a more expensive option, but in a hot climate, it is a great way to increase the value of a house. Pools are great for kids and adults alike. It is important to remember that in many places, pool fencing is a legal requirement. If you already have a pool, consider that the surrounds can be transformed in a variety of ways. You can create a sandy beach or a tropical oasis with a careful choice of plants, pavers and terrains.

Increasing your property’s value can be easy if you consider these 5 helpful tips. Remember that there is a solution for every budget, and that many of these tips you can do yourself. If you are not confident, it is the best to talk to the professionals. To give your pool and garden a competitive edge, click here.

By Grace Patterson