Warm Audio

The warm audio hugely helps in a good performance of any band on stage. My brothers at Kuerdas Band can attest to that.

They tend to be a bit picky when they perform on stage. I could understand them. It hugely affects the musical performance

They would often request a really good set of sounds system and musical gadgets from the production team in-charge of their gigs especially when it is a random out-of-town.

What Part Of A Woman’s Anatomy Attracts A Man Most?

Oooo! now this is such an open question. I might add a risky one too because one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. And no this is not about the cattle meat industry.

Well, perhaps I should first list out an inventory of what are considered a woman’s anatomy assets.

1. Hair
2. Eyes
3. Lips
4. Cleavage and size of her breasts
5. Waist line
6. Rotundity of her buttock
7. Good symmetry of her legs

Now I must admit that is quite a mouthful of real estate for any man to appraise. What helps the woman more is that whatever it is that she uses for cosmetics as well as the type of clothes, these have that extra punch to set the male admirer into a sea of imagination.

Which then explains why such great finesse is taken to the cutting of cloth or should I say, shedding of cloth, so that it augments the enticement of the male eye towards revealing the female anatomy?

Fortunately, in reverse, it is not the same kind of question that can be asked about the anatomy of man. It could lead men to look at other men and that would be disastrous for women.

We Are All Going GaGa With Fashions

Now, we do know what the word “avant garde” means and when it is used in fashion talk, I guess we expect something that is not just innovatively fashionable but also that it has to be functional. Sure, you have seen some designer creations that left you staring at the ceiling.

Going futuristic is the name of the fashion game. Thus among many other samples, we get to see items such as these.

Wear that and you might gore someone you accidentally bump into.

Don that hair style and spend the rest of the night getting ready to get into bed.

Wear those shades and they’d think your hubbie works as a welder.

And if you think God created our feet for walking, try these on.

Okay, I know you’re already staring at your ceiling. But talk about going gaga and we actually do have one celebrity of the same name who is a boon to the Fashion industry. Just look at how she struts herself…

She just returned from her Home on the Range, where the deer and the antilope roam.

As always, she left in such a hurry, she forgot to wear the rest of her clothes.

And golly gee, she even forgets the same thing when she leaves her dressing room to go on stage!

So you see folks, the name of the fashion game isn’t about being avant garde. It is about just being forgetful or silly.

4 Ways to Build Trust In Your New Relationship

Relationships are an undulating process of discovery, stretched over dates, serendipitous moments, shared glances and the comforting presence of someone who likes you, exactly as you are, or at least you think so. You want to take it to the next level, step it up a notch but that requires trust and you may have been hurt before; similarly, you may be dealing with a brittle heart, scarred and scattered over memories of past loves. While time will heal all else, there are little things one can do to help the process along, building trust and a lasting connection; be warned, some may require a vulnerable investment on your behalf.

Be Supportive

Being right can be intoxicating, affirming almost, with many of us giving into temptation every day and correcting some inconsistency or mistake. While this is a desirable trait in a leader, life is not work and your new partner or love interest is not a fledgling staff member – You cannot and shouldn’t manage their feelings. Instead, take a step back and listen to their concerns, showing sign of positive feedback (non-confrontational questions, nodding etc) and spring to their defence when necessary. What about when you know they’re wrong? Be diplomatic. Acknowledge the merits of both positions but don’t commit to any conclusions. Use lines like, I understand why you feel like that…

Confide in Him

Laying it bare and investing in trust shows your partner you’re willing to be vulnerable, creating a level of comfort where they feel they can do the same. You sometimes have to make the first move, as different personality types will take their time trying to work out whether you like them enough to go all in. It’s always a gamble to trust someone, but start small if it makes you feel better. Try something like, “the silliest thing I ever did was pose with an adult toy in Naughty but Nice. I deleted the photo though, thank god!”

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Judgement is an inevitable machination of social life. If your new squeeze decides he or she can trust you with something big (and confronting), use this opportunity to show you can accept them as they are and encourage continued communication. Criticising, making light or dismissing the feelings and experience of somebody you’d like to pursue is relationship suicide. They will unofficially check-out of the conversation and may the relationship, especially if they naturally place barriers between their feelings and other people.

Nobody is Perfect

Loving somebody truly is accounting for their flaws, recognising them and respecting the strength they lend to a balanced character. People are imperfect. Gracing somebody you like with your flawed persona then, is the greatest risk you’ll ever take, but one that can certainly pay off. If this is a long-haul kind of trip, they need to see the real you to fall in love with who you actually are. Insecurities, morning breath, OCD dish washer stacking, obstinacy, righteousness and other fun stuff, forms the person you are, informed by the experience that led you here. If they are right for you, they will embrace it and let their own colours fly.

There is no fixed formula for the perfect love, just as there is no fixed formula for the perfect person. Respect, trust and communication are the bedrock of a successful union – If you want to take things forward, open your ears, ready your heart and let go of the past.

Heart Filled with Gratitude

Kuerdas Band started off as a small acoustic band. Armed with alvarez yairi, they were contracted to play at small hang outs and restobars.

They eventually chose their genre and that is when they started to go big- I meant literally as a band expanding their membership from 8 to 10.

Playing reggae as their repertoire, they were able to establish their own fan base. They could only look back with gratitude for all the blessings granted unto them.

First World vs. Third World

Have you ever heard of the bankruptcy law in pa? I haven’t until I have spoken with a high school pal who now lives in the United States.

The good thing with residing in a First World country is that you are always protected by Law and that the government will not let you die in hunger. Unlike the Third World Countries, a hegemonic country like the United States has enough provision for their entire constituency especially the old folks. Amazing, right?

I wish the Philippine government will allocate ample amount of budget especially to the Filipino populace who has declared bankruptcy.