Chic And Sassy

I have to admit I am such an impulsive buyer especially on clothing and apparels. Sometimes I consider this an illness without cure, LOL!

I can’t help myself most of the times but do the purchase especially when it is such a lovely dress that suits my style. It has been for a few years now too that I have become hooked into online shopping. There was a time that I do not miss a single day of the week in buying items at DressFirst.

And why not? They have such beautiful and fashionable collection of dresses. I shall do another purchase real soon for our homecoming dresses 2013. I particularly loved the chic and sassy blue, black and white designed cocktail dresses. The design is just perfect for my height and built.

I can’t wait to wear them on our scheduled homecoming come December. My friend said it would make a lot of heads turn.

Well, I can not wait for that special occasion to unfold real soon.

I promise to take a capture of me and my outfit and show it off here!

Watch out for that!

Closet Clean- Up

Each year, I update my wardrobe and clean-up my closet. Due to excessive and impulsive purchases, I decided to put up an online store to sell off some items that were honestly hardly worn. The other stuff, I handed down to my cousins and nieces in the province.

Sadly, only three of them benefited from my clothes, apart from Ally and my SIL, whom I gave out the bigger clothes that I had when I gained weight for a time. Most of my relatives were medium or large sized. LOL!

Take a peak at the clothes that were handed down to the lucky recipients:

The mountainous unwanted clothing in my closet. LOL!
The mountainous unwanted clothing in my closet. LOL!
Day dresses/ Casual clothes
Day dresses/ Casual clothes
Tees and shorts
Tees and shorts

My nieces were grinning from ear to ear when I finally gave out these clothing to them. They don’t need to buy new stuff for the entire year. LOL!

Going Gaga Over Musical Gadgets

I am not sure if my brothers or my cousin Ally had ever heard of the good Pearl Marching Carriers at musician’s friend but if they have not just yet, I would better tell them. They are all musically inclined and when you speak of musical gadgets, they just go gaga over it.

I never learned to play any musical instruments but I guess it still is never too late. I just have to be enthusiastic about it.

Hangin’ On To A Dream?

I used to dream of being a successful local artist when I was younger. It was a big dream during college. I dreamt about being on-stage with a rockin’ guitar plugged in one of those audio interface and sing my heart out while wearing a sexy yet rockin’ outfit. LOL! Just like Avril Lavigne. I used to sing some of her songs in college.

The dream eventually died when I started working. I didn’t pursue the dream, anyway. I just got tired of it, I guess. But sometimes the dream pops up especially if I’m watching variety shows on TV or checkin’ out live performances. They make me reminisce the feeling of being on stage. Doing what you love to do.

I may not have pursued my dream but I’m happy that somehow I was able to get on stage on my younger years. My dream will always be a dream. Who knows? That dream might still come true. :)


All In One Piece

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We were all stunned to have heard of the accident but still felt happy that the family were all safe and sound despite the scary vehicular accident.

Praises be to our Lord God Almighty for they are all out of danger.

Not-So-New Loots

There was a time last year when I actually hoarded some pair of shoes. I can’t just help the urge of doing the purchase. Sometimes, I had to stop myself from going to the malls just to do away from buying more than what I really needed.

Only 2 pairs
Only 2 pairs
Loot # 1
Loot # 1
Loot # 3
Loot # 3

I loved both purchases. It still looks so new till this very day.