Newly Acquired Musical Gadget

My brothers who are both musicians of the homegrown band Kuerdas are both happy to have acquired their first ever line 6 hd400.

Being both in the music and entertainment industry, it is important for them to be fully equipped not only with the gift for playing musical instruments but in owning their own musical gadgets as well. By far, this is their most recent musical gadget acquisition. I am very happy for them!

Fascination With Ceramics

I have always been fascinated with ceramics. But that fascination has not been satisfied till this time. LOL! I can only admire all the beautiful ceramics I have seen at my friends’ house and even at The website is just awesome. Everything that I want to collect are there! I am in awe!

Hopefully, I can get to satisfy my fascination with these lovely ceramics when I get to have the chance to have my own collections. I would simply be the happiest soul!

My New Michael Kors Tote Leather Bag

Can you tell I am such a happy soul? I just purchased my first ever MK bag and who wouldn’t be so happy when I got it for such a very good deal? The item Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather was originally priced at $389 but I got it for only $94 with a shipping fee of $9. Not bad at all eh? And read: the money I used to do the purchase was through my blogging effort :-) Ahh! The perks of blogging!

My new Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather
My new Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Medium Gather Shoulder Tote Black Leather

The item’s description are as follows:

  • Black leather.
  • Golden hardware.
  • Top handles with chain accents.
  • Adjustable buckled shoulder strap

I always love big bags. I have a lot of unnecessary stuff that I bring along with me. I have yet to learn to go out of the house with less items inside the bag.

Anyhow, I believe the bag is worth every penny. I simply can’t wait to sport it out at work :-)

Rock It With Jewelries

I would always want to look chic and fashionable. Admittedly, I am also such a big sucker for discount jewelry. Man! Why can I not get enough of them? LOL!

I always believe that jewelries add up to our over all appearance and projection. It can make us look more glamorous. It actually depends on what look you would want to have for a specific day.

As for me, jewelry and accessory rocks! I can’t leave the house without them! :-)

Shameless Selfie

This has been a famous hash tag on social networking sites. It is called such when the person takes a photograph of herself/ himself then publish it for the public view.

I must admit I do the same thing especially when I feel like doing so. But most appropriately when I feel pretty and fab, hahaha!

I am thinking of posting a regular shameless selfie right here on my fashion blog or probably just an Outfit of the Day post.

Watch out for that in my upcoming updates! :-)

Gift Ideas: What to Get Your Son for Graduation?

Graduation is a huge step in life towards being an adult and realizing your potential – it’s a special occasion and well deserving of a reward for all the hard work put in towards achieving it.

That’s why it can get tricky for parents or close ones to pick out the perfect gift for their daughter – you want to give something that will make her happy and at the same time symbolize a next phase of life that their sibling is about to begin.

Luckily, there are gifts that will not only make a girl happy, but will be useful, too. Here are a few graduation gift ideas for girls that will surely be appreciated.


A gift that will never go to waste is simply money  – after all, finishing high school means starting your life, so there really isn’t a better gift than cash, she will certainly know what she needs the most.

She will be able to decide herself what she wants to do with the money, and after all, that’s another responsibility that will be a big step towards adulthood.


If there’s one thing all girls like, it’s jewelry – even though it might be hard to pick, if you take the time to find something that she’ll really enjoy, you can make your girl very happy.

If you want a sure thing, you can even take her out and let her pick the jewelry – that way you can be sure she’ll love it.

A Trip

After a long year studying and preparing for the exams anybody would be exhausted – that’s why, perhaps the most thoughtful gift would be a trip, where a girl could relax, take time to herself and relieve all that stress that she went through preparing for her graduation.

You can even go with her – it could be a fun getaway and get you to spend some quality time together.

Digital Camera

As technologies become an important part of our lives, having the means to capture and share experiences becomes an integral part of our social life.

If you get your daughter a camera, she will be able to capture all those significant moments of her life and share them with you, even if she moves away to college or work.


If you prefer practical gifts, a good idea would be to simply buy her a good, quality luggage. It may seem a bit boring, but think about it – if she’s moving away or plans to travel a lot, it’s really important to have a dependable and big enough luggage to be able to pack all the needed things.

Remember, that for a girl it would be smart to buy a luggage with rolling wheels, since it can be hard to carry if it’s big.

 There are plenty of gift ideas for the graduating girl in your life, and they all represent something that you want that present to tell her. Some go for the practical gifts, while others choose sentimental gifts, or even simply gifts that will make her happy.

Graduation is a special day for anyone, so think through how you want to express your support and happiness for her success and you can be certain – it will be a perfect gift whatever you end up picking.

Michelle Forsyth is a self-employed writer and blogger with a BA from Melbourne University. When Michelle is not writing or blogging she spends time with her two kids and spends time online shopping for the best deals!

The Must-have Warm Weather Biker Gear and Accessories

Hot weather gear provides ultimate comfort for the time on the road so that bikers enjoy better conditions as they endeavor to keep their eyes trained on the road. With hot weather biker gear, you can now say goodbye to the discomfort of the road, coupled with the stifling heat and drenching sweat that is usually common during summer. This gear makes it possible for you to withdraw into a world of your own accompanied by your private thoughts. Time on the road has never been this fun and embedded with ease after you purchase some of these essential biker gear and accessories that will have you looking forward to riding through the summer months again.

Lightweight Jacket

In the summer, you can ditch your heavy leather jacket for an option that is friendlier for the sunshine. The best option is the lightweight textile jacket, made out of breathable material for your comfort. To allow free flow of air, there are lightweight jackets that have zippered vents in addition to the breathable material so as to increase the air circulation throughout your upper body. The biker gear material that is most preferred is usually nylon but a precaution is that it does not stay as long as your heavy leather jacket does. You should also concentrate on protection while you are purchasing the lightweight jacket. So do not hesitate to go for the ones that have shoulder pads for impact protection during accidents.

Riding trousers

If you prefer using riding jeans, by all means indulge yourself. However, if the heat gets too stifling for you, there are certainly many other avenues for you to explore. The most comfortable and stylish one is going for the ventilated pants option. These are lightweight pants that are made out of breathable fabric custom made to drive heat away from your body through evaporation. Most of them have knee pads to provide protection in case of an accident and the outer hip is also made with sturdy lightweight material that ensures you receive the necessary protection in case of an unforeseeable accident. The good news is that you can get one with vent panels and enough perforations to help you stay cool all through your ride.


There is always a lot of gain in investing in a good pair of boots. These can serve you throughout the long summer seasons and still leave you looking like you know how to make your way around in the fashion world. Ventilated boots normally provide the best protection for the biker since most of them come up to the ankle. The good quality ones also provide support for the heel and the toes so that you are comfortable all through the ride, not to forget the essential ventilation panels at the lower ends of the boots. The ventilated boots draw heat and sweat away from your feet and leave them feeling at ease. Coupled with the right pair of socks made from sweat wicking fibers, your feet will be in top notch condition for a long and pleasurable summer ride.

Gloves and Helmets

Since you need your hands protected from the vibrations that the motorbike produces, sturdy gloves that have leather padding on the palms are the way to go. This trendy pair gives you a firmer grip on the bike and also serves to protect your hands from getting calloused. The ones most suitable for summer wear are those that have an inner absorbent fabric to counteract the sweat that is produced during the long rides in the sun. The other parts are usually made of ventilating material that ensures you stay cool and comfortable. Helmets that have an inner lining and enough ventilation should also be purchased for the same reason.

There are other accessories that are vital for the biker such as base layers and even the hydration bladder. Always ensure that you are thoroughly equipped to go out on the road so as to avert accidents caused by discomforts on the road.

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Case Resolved!

My very close pal who planned of migrating to Los Angeles, California in the US faced some challenges while trying to fix her papers along with her illegitimate child. She had to hire the services of immigration lawyers in los angeles who are experts in the field. She was truly surprised that in a matter of only a few months, her case was resolved in the immigration and her daughter could travel along with her with the approval of her visa to the United States.

She was very grateful her lovely daughter is not gonna be left behind with her migration plans.