New Remington Salon Pro Hairstyler

One of the newest purchases I have had for 2013 that made me pretty happy is a Remington Salon Pro hairstyler. It straightens, curls, flick and waves the hair. You see, I feel beautiful when I have that wavy, curly hair. Believe it or not, but I just feel so. Hahaha!

Anyway, I asked my good friend Twerlyn of the good brands that she can recommend to me as I know that she has been a real sucker of some beauty and make up gurus in Youtube. She’s learning their tricks now thus making her really good at it herself.

I have found Remington in the shop and it’s the only brand there that caught my fancy as it’s dual purpose. If I want to have a long, straight sleek hair, it’s gonna be really handy. If I’d want to have some curls, flicks or waves, this one will do the trick as well.

I got it for $60.




I can’t wait to try these out in my own hair. I am pretty skeptical though in damaging my hair but WTH! Hahaha! I better start viewing some youtube tutorials to make things perfect for my hair :-)

Obviously a Proud Sister

Indeed, my brothers are very musical and when it comes to audio techniques, you just have to ask them and voila! You will definitely get what you have asked for. Artist, music, melody, beats, lyrics, name it, they have it! Hahaha!

Do I sound like I am a proud sistah? Obviously I am, LOL! Anyhow, you will know what I mean when you have got talent siblings like them who loves their crafts to the fullest.

Gracious Bathroom in Your Own Home

If you have ever stayed in an elegant bed and breakfast or fine hotel, you have probably experienced a gracious bathroom. The wall sconces and bath fixtures shine, the bath mats and towels are plush and inviting and the room simply sparkles – it looks and smells clean and well cared for. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place; bathroom cabinets and shelves hold just what you need and everything is within reach.

image (1)

While it may seem daunting it is actually possible to replicate many of the hallmarks of a gracious bathroom in your own home and it will cost less than even one night in a bed and breakfast. Begin by setting aside some time to clean and organize – you’ll be surprised to find out how much stuff you are storing that you really no longer need or use. Make a pile for donation or recycling and properly dispose of any outdated medicines or toiletries – your town may have a drop box for prescription drugs; flushing them down the toilet is not acceptable.
Clean the bathroom from top to bottom and replace or clean the window treatments. Don’t forget to clean the light fixtures and replace any missing or burned out light bulbs so you can really see what you are dealing with. This is a good time to switch over to energy efficient CFL bulbs if you have not already done so.
Check the tub, sink and toilet for any sign of leaks – a toilet that runs can waste gallons of water and increase your utility bill. Leaky faucets not only waste water, they can be an indication of larger problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Office Party Do’s and Dont’s

In office parties, we get our head spinning thinking on what are the best outfits for the occasion. Here’s some tips I have for you not to end up a disaster.

Be a head -turner with these office party fashion guide:

  1. DO wear luxe fabrics such as velvet, silk, or satin to a dressy office party. Just be sure it is fit for the working environment. No dare-to-bare stuffs. Be elegant and classy in an office party.
  2. DON’T get too trendy and use this occasion to experiment. Leopard prints are for Friday night outs, people won’t appreciate seeing you in those in an office party.
  3. DO add delicate, sparkly accessories to spruce up your usual office outfits. I love accessories. They are the only thing that makes me look elegant and different from the rest, hehe! A strand of pearl will make our ordinary work clothes look glamorous and classy.
  4. DON’T over-accessorize. Don’t make yourself look like a Christmas tree. If you wear too many bangles and still wearing a watch, that is too much! Don’t pile up too much bling. Don’t make your accessories the star of the outfit instead of YOU.
  5. DO wear elegant evening shoes. Strappy silver, gold or bronze shoes will instantly glam up your look.
  6. DON’T walk around in four-inch, tie-up platform heels. Shoes that are over-the-top sexy like knee high boots or ULTRA-strappy heels will look a disaster. These funky shoes are for night outs when you want to shake those butts on the dance floor.
  7. DO wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I always keep in mind the adage: “Dress for comfort and not for fashion”. Comfort is very important in this occasion for you to enjoy the night and not to hate the thought of ever coming to parties of this kind.

Originally published on June 12, 2010.

Jack of All Trades

I saw this site online and I can not help myself but recommend it to my own brother who loves various kinds of revolving machine handles. He collects different types of machines which he uses around the house. He is actually the jack of all trades but the master of none. LOL!

But kidding aside, we solely rely on him for anything around the house: carpentry, electricity and plumbing jobs- name them, he can do it all! That is what his edge is and I can only be proud of him!

The Best Way to Relax and Unwind at Home

Relaxing at Home

Keeping their heads cool and their emotions in check can be quite challenging and difficult for people especially with the myriad of problems and worries hounding them in their daily struggle to live in this world full of frustrations and disappointments. Nothing will be handed to them on a silver platter and that is why people have to work hard and fight for all the things that they want in this world or else they will end up with nothing but air in their hands. While pushing themselves well past their limits as they try to make a name for themselves in this world, they experience seemingly insurmountable stress and problems along the way. But this shouldn’t deter people from seeking and enjoying the comfort and joys provided by the finer things in life because this will certainly inspire them to push past their limits.

This is the reason why people should get acquainted immediately with Beauty Encounter because this online shop offers discount perfumes that can really give them the lingering scent of success. People need to give their best effort in every little thing that they do but they should never forget to take care of themselves to avoid breaking down under the tremendous pressure they carry on their exhausted shoulders. And Beauty Encounter is here to help people pamper themselves with all the beauty and health products that are very affordable so that they can go through their days brimming full of confidence and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest.

And the products that they have to offer are not confined solely to discount perfumes and colognes because they also have bath and body products for men and women who have different needs to ward off body odor. Gone do the days when a simple bar of soap and some shampoo is enough when taking a long bath or a quick shower because people need other toiletries to emerge from the bathroom smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers. And that is why they need to get in touch with Beauty Encounter to buy bath sponges, loofahs, body scrubs, bath oils, moisturizers and facial creams to keep them looking young and feeling like a million bucks. The best part is that this company offers great price cuts and discounts because all the deals that they offer is very friendly to customers and clients.

And so when going through their daily life and working hard to have a secure and comfortable life in the future, people should always remember to relax and take it easy once in awhile. Beauty Encounter will help and assist them every step of the way and customers need not worry about spending a lot of money because they offer the lowest prices out there.

Betty Prince loves to play sports like tennis and volleyball to keep her body in excellent shape through the years. She also jogs every morning with her dogs and swims in the afternoon with her friends. She is also taking advanced lessons in mixed martial arts so that she can protect herself from bad guys. 

The Ways Mothers Carry Their Infant

It is truly amazing when considering the different ways mothers of different cultures carry their infant. It was quite recently that a Company was ruled by a Court order against manufacturing their product which helped mothers to carry their infant on their own body.I did not save that piece of information but I do recall that there were reported fatal instances when the infant suffered asphyxiation because of the manner in which that product held the infant.

Looking at Asian, African and Western cultures, these pictures depict the differences at how mothers carry their infant.

One thing is clear from those images above…the West rely on progressive technology while Asia and Africa is still very much deprived and has to rely on the bare necessities of life, so to speak.

From those three example images, which infant do you think is most comfortable with mother?

Originally published on June 11, 2010

Do You Go For Signature, Branded Items?

I was asked by my friend if I go for signature brands and I told her who does not go for famous, quality brands especially if you have the means to buy them? She told me she just acquired a new coach sunglasses. The sunglasses has a cool, fabulous design which is best suited for the shape of her face.

I sincerely felt happy for her. I told her I still love my sunglasses which I bought only last year. It was the most expensive sunglasses I ever owned! LOl!

Glowing Skin Matters

The most fabulous eyeshadows, perfect gloss and the sexiest hair are nothing without clear glowing skin. First off, we owe ourselves lots of sleep, lots of water, lots of exercise and healthy diet to achieve the healthy skin we so want. If the above-mentioned are achieved, it is now very easy to make our skin supple from the outside.


Mist your face with an atomizer filled with distilled water. Make up on supple skin looks fresh, whereas make up on dehydrated skin tends to crease. Follow with a moisturizer while skin is damp, to seal in moisture.


Apply foundation on areas that need some help, like on blemish scars and discoloration. Use a stipping technique to apply foundation. Pat concealer on undereye circles. Blend gently with your fingertips by tapping on concealer, NOT rubbing, for the most natural effect.


Gently brush loose powder over your makeup, since creamy products tend to shift around in humid temperatures. If you apply too much, you can always brush off the excess.

MORE TIPS: Use a loose powder with shimmer reflective particles to catch the light, and give the illusion of brighter, flawless skin. Now you are ready for makeup!

Originally published on June 5, 2010