Save the Date Ideas

It’s your special day; it’s only natural that you want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest. That’s why save the date cards are so very important. Unfortunately cards get forgotten. Put on a table, under bills and other letters, never to be seen again. You want your invitation to be exciting, not just for you but your guests also. You definitely don’t want them to put it down; you want it up on display. Therefore, the simple card is no longer an option. The following article lists some great creative ideas to not only insure your guests remember the date but get excited too.


You can do this on a budget so don’t dismiss it! You’ll be buying in bulk so something like Vistaprint magnets will most likely end up costing the same as cards. Sending your guests a magnet will insure that they don’t just put your letter to the side; it will be straight on the fridge. You open your fridge multiple times a day, that’s multiple times they will be reminded of your upcoming nuptials.


This is great idea if you are planning on getting creative and using your own two hands. A tiny box with figurines that represent you and your partner will still fit in a normal size envelope and make an impact on your guests. The box should include something that represents the theme of the celebration, something represents the couple and of course the date of the very important day. The box and figurines will be displayed rather than piled up with other cards and letters. It’s a great way to get creative and add a unique touch. Use a little humour, for example use Lego people for the couple. Have fun! It’s meant to represent a coming celebration.

Spinner cards

You’ll most likely remember making these from school, its super simple. You can include this with a card or use it as your primary information provider for guests. This will insure that they don’t just glance over a card once and put it down. They’ll play with it and create a lasting memory.

Scratch it

Let all of your guests have a little fun with a scratch it. Turn your invitation into a game. You and your partner are a winning competition after all. They can either scratch to reveal your names or to reveal the date and the venue. The suspense may be too much for some of your guests to handle. Once again this idea is about creating tangible memories; your guests will actually have to spend a little time finding out the details. They worked hard to find out the information and therefore will insure they don’t forget it. Most importantly it’s a little bit of fun.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed how expensive costume jewelry has become. What used to be $15 impulse buys at clothing stores are suddenly more expensive than the jeans and tanks you go in for, and my jewelry wardrobe has been lacking as a result. I just can’t justify dropping $50 or more on trendy jewelry unless I really, truly love it, and even then it hurts my wallet and gives me a bit of a panic attack. That’s no small change, but as a bling-loving lady, what am I to do? has solved this problem for me. High-quality costume jewelry in tons of terrific styles, Derng’s prices are surprisingly, awesomely affordable. In fact, I purchased the entire collection of infinity jewelry from for just $45. That’s 3 infinity bracelets and 1 infinity necklace for less than $50 total!

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Pamper Your Skin in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Now with these tips, one doesn’t have to go to the salon anymore to get that facial. Save enough money for pampering your skin. With these rejuvenating facial tips, savvy techniques in caring for our skin in the comfort of our own home is revealed.

Facial needs only 20 minutes of your time! To get a most flawless skin, the following steps are your guide:

Lather, rinse, repeat– The key to removing grime is in a slow motion. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pull your hair back, so you can wash up to the hairline, an area prone to oiliness. Dampen skin, then spend at least a minute massaging your most luxurious cleanser, into skin in upward, circular motions. “Gently kneading helps minimize puffiness and stimulate circulation,” says Sonya Dakar of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Los Angeles. Rinse thoroughly, then pat dry (rubbing can damage skin) with a towel. Velourlike towels for babies are the gentlest.

2. Use steam to deep-clean-“Steam’s heat helps soften skin, so you can slough away debris without causing inflammation,” says Kate Somerville, founder of Skin Health Experts in L.A. If you don’t have a steam machine, you can still get out of the best of steaming by soaking a washcloth in warm water, wring it out and drape it over your face for five minutes.

3. Blackheads, begone! – Although aestheticians are trained to perform extractions to squeeze bacteria out of clogged pores, you could bruise skin if you try this trick at home. (Their expert techniques don’t harm skin.) Thankfully, there is a safe way to clean pores. Try a peel with at least 5 percent glycolic acid. Paint it on with a fan brush; start at the jawline and work toward the forehead (avoiding eyes). You might feel a slight tingling—that means it’s working


Originally published on June 30, 2010.