Hair, Makeup, and Man Makeup

Fashion has evolved and is continuously evolving. Every year, we look forward to beauty news so we can revamp our collection. 2013 is here and beauty experts have some predictions on what is going to be big this year.

In the past years, women have been crazy on rebonding their hair. For those who don’t know that process of rebonding, it takes a very long time to do this. The stylist will put some cream on the woman’s hair, wash it, dry it, and iron it. The process will be repeated two times in four to six hours. Imagine all the damage the hair will get from two times of ironing. Plus the chemicals being used are too potent. Generally, rebonding is a very harsh process of straightening the hair. According to experts, what’s going to be big this year is the Keratin Blowout or Keratin Treatment. It is totally different from rebonding because what it does is smoothen the hair with the use of Keratin. Unlike rebonding which may make the hair look like a brush, Keratin Blowout makes the hair straighter and smoother semi-permanently.

As for makeup, the no-makeup look is still very in. The key to this look is great looking skin. First, you must wash your face with cleanser and a piece of cloth to exfoliate your skin. Next is putting on some moisturizer. It is best that you pick the moisturizer that fits your skin type. Gently massage it to your face because this will create a natural glow. There are products in the market called BB Cream that is moisturizer and tint in one. You also need to even out your skin using foundation. Use a concealer to correct or cover the uneven parts of your face. If needed, top it with a little powder. For the blush, it is suggested to use warm peach or pink shades as it looks more natural and subtle. The eyeshadow color must be one shade darker than the skin to enhance the eye contours without showing as an obvious shadow. They eye pencil will give your eyes a little definition so pick lighter shades like soft gray or brown pencil. Do not use dark lipsticks as well. Pick something that is almost similar to the shade of the lips. Enhance the lashes by putting two coats of mascara on the top lashes. You can ditch the eye pencil but never the mascara.

Speaking of makeup, have anyone noticed that Korean men are actually using them? Check out the boy bands and note how well plucked their brows and smooth their skins are. According to studies, the number of Korean men who are spending on makeups and other vanity products is increasing. No wonder some of the Korean makeup brands are getting the members of boy bands to endorse them.

Do you think the man makeup will catch up soon?


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Happy Feet Once More

It truly warms the heart when a good pal remembers and not only that, when she becomes too nice and generous.

My very long time running pal of 22 years to boost sent out these beauties when she learned that we are actually sharing the same shoe size. Isn’t that cool?

Twerlyn from the USA informed me that these shoes were never worn out; only used once or twice especially the heeled shoes and the sneakers. It was very evident in the shoes itself.

My heart was overflowing with joy and excitement when I finally got hold of the 7 pairs of shoes.

6 pairs of shoes + 1 brown pair of boots= HAPPY FEET! ;-)

The Fabulous Mom

It must be so obvious by now that my Mom loves to dress up. I must say she got a taste for anything beautiful and fabulous. Most times though, when she shops for clothes, she would drag me along to act as critique. LOL!

Oh Well! Our tastes can sometimes be alike and different in so many different ways. Just like the dress in the photo below. I bought it for her some years back. She believes it’s won’t look good on her but I convinced her otherwise.

Don’t you agree with me? 😉

To Save A Dime For A Guitar

Sure my brothers love to acquire shure sm58 at guitar center. For the longest time now, they have been aspiring to purchase a new musical instrument for their band, Kuerdas.

They used to purchase their musical items from an auction shop. They have not acquired recently especially that the Band Major is now a family man. I heard them talking about a guitar brand and that they agreed to save enough dime for it.

Forever 21 Black Dress

It has been ages since I went out to watch the Kuerdas gigs. I remember my Mom, being the stage Mom that she is, would love to go along wherever Kuerdas performs. As she aged and got sick more often, we both lie lowed going to each and every gig of Kuerdas to be a mere fan and audience.

It was one fine night when we both decided to watch after a long time. I believe it was the first night when I finally went back to my Mom’s threshold. It was sort of a celebration :-)

My Mom and I decided to sport black for that night. I opted for my Forever 21 black dress :-)

Yours truly wearing my Forever 21 black- laced dress

Certified Clinique Perfume Lover

I am not only a certified perfume lover but a hoarder too. It was not too long ago when I asked my longest running pal offline and online to purchase a couple of Clinique perfumes for me. She was able to purchase around 5 bottles. i didn’t open each bottle simultaneously. She was also able to buy two bottles of Cool water. So cool indeed, ain’t right?

My Clinique Perfume

Lucky Bassist

Acquiring a bassist guitar is a long time dream for Kuerdas Band’s bassist. Though he owns one but it is rather old and does not emit a very good sound that is expected from a veteran bassist.

One good bass is available and he doesn’t want the rare opportunity pass. It is being sold for a very affordable rate. He is one lucky guy!