I Aim of Owning A House

I do not own my house yet but I dream of having one soon. I need to work hard though and save up enough dime to achieve it.

Oh well! It is not so bad to aim, right? I want a spacious house and I want to design it according to my own taste. I want some cream colored kitchen cabinets too that’s big enough to house kitchen paraphernalia.

Well, good luck for the achievement of this plan :-)

New Jovanni Bag

I have never heard of this brand yet until I’ve made my recent purchase of a royal blue bag. I told myself many times in the past that I need to curtail my unnecessary spending when it comes to bags and shoes. With the shoes, I wasn’t too successful. With the bags, I must say, just a little. LOL!

It was one weekend while shopping for Morning Dew’s apparel for Thanksgiving when I sighted this bag from afar. There’s someone from within urges me that I should get closer. Hahaha! When I finally got hold of it, I simply love the feel, the look and the price. The price was on a marked down sale: 50% off.

The bag mark down price

My SIL told me I should get the bag or else feel remorseful for the rest of my life. What a way to convince me. Hahaha! Well, she finally succeeded when I decided to do the purchase. I wasn’t too successful in holding off to my motto at the time: “Focus on your needs, not on your wants”

However, everytime I wear it at work, I don’t feel guilty for succumbing to my urges. LOL!

The royal bag :-)
The convertible tote bag inside

It feels good to be rather impulsive at times especially when the items are on sale :-)

Birthday Gift Ideas

I am the type of person who does not really carefully plan my own birthday party. I want everything to be as free flowing as it is. To celebrate it in the company of my family is the grandest celebration I could ever think of. It brings a tinge of excitement each time I turn out a year older and it is just like I am having a helluva lot of 21st birthday gags and ideas. It feels good to get older but it feels better when you feel like you are just 21 forever. Hahaha!

With my recent birthday bash, there was not much that I have wished for. I always take pleasure from simple things so a birthday present from www.spencersonline.com was just perfect.

Birthday Girl Sash

Ain’t it cool, fab and chic? That simple top can very well speak that I am not so hard to please. Anyone can easily tell what will give me fluttering heartbeats from too much excitement.

It feels great to celebrate a birthday that is way beyond the ordinary. But after all the hype and the celebration, what is more essential is the lease of life that has once more been granted on the celebrant herself. Birthdays is the best time of the year to reflect and thank the one and only Maker for yet another chance of improving and become a better, if not the best person, one can ever be.

Perfect Solution for My Hairfall Problem

I have been having hair fall problems for years. Not only does it get really dry and frizzy, but hairfall problem makes me feel so stressed each day. I can no longer contain my annoyance and desperation. I have already switched to different brand of shampoos from time to time but to no avail. It has made my hair even weaker and it is not the kind of hair that I used to have from way back. You can just imagine how frustrating it could get! Not to mention the hundreds of hair that fall off me everyday. The strength and luster was all gone. From what I know, a hundred strands of falling hair is normal, (you may correct me if I’m wrong). Beyond a hundred, something must be wrong. And I just know mine is not normal. A few main reasons why one gets falling hair is stress and if one is undergoing medication. I am not into the latter. I admit I experience “blog stress” at times but even before I knew what blogging is, I am already experiencing this falling hair dilemma.

As I am writing this, the “what-ifs” and the “if onlys” kept lurking at the back of my head. If only I got contented with the long, straight hair that God has given me. What if I didn’t had it permed for two consecutive times? Would my hair have the same luster and strength the way it used to so many years back?

But the vivid fact is staring me in the face. It is all over and done with. I can not change the past and I will have to suffer all the consequences of my acts. But being the determined person that I am, I couldn’t just let that be. I need to find a solution. And a quick remedy it must be!

Thanks to my brilliant blogpal Windy. When he learned I am very desperate to find a solution to this problem, he shared to me what he found.

Audace Shampoo
Audace Tonic

In my next posts, I shall feature each shampoo, tonic and conditioner (not in the photo) why I find them to be the perfect solution to my hairfall dilemma.

The Top Hats Variation: Bowlers, Beanies, Bonnets, and Berets

People like to be creative, particularly in terms of style and fashion. Today, I see a lot of derivation of historically popular hats, which can complement one’s outfit. These come in different styles, sizes, colors, and uses. The most iconic ones are berets, bonnets, and beanies. Although these types are not usually worn in the Philippines, this new fashion sense (with amazing tenacity) is widely embraced as an addition to the extensive selection of hats which represent one’s culture. Many Filipinos will not be able to identify a beanie from a beret; and I’d like to share how you can differentiate one from the other.

Bowlers are typically sturdy and round. These were invented in the mid-1800s by William and Thomas Bowler at the request of an English nobleman Edward Coke. Bowlers were popular among British gentlemen during the 1800s and these hats have become essential to businessmen, bankers, and savvy poker players, like the ones we see in the movies. A bowler was featured in the movie 1964 James Bond, Goldfinger, and was used as a weapon to slice a piece of metal. Bowlers were visible in the movie Casino Royale, where James Bond got himself involved in a high-stake game of Texas Hold’em Poker, clothed in nothing less than a suave ensemble. We’ve seen much of casinos and poker games in the movies, however, for bingo fans, there are online bingo gaming platforms. There are more than 50 poker games to try and interactivity is never a problem. There are friendly chat hosts that are happy to assist players with their queries, especially about bonuses and how to play online. Plus, there’s a plethora of tournaments, and other games you’ll find appropriate for any gaming range.

Beanies are brimless hats usually made from synthetic material or fleece. These are worn resting over the person’s ears. The history of beanies extend back to the early 20th century; this refers to the wool felt cap without a brim worn by British school boys. The word “bean” is slang for “head”, thus, the name beanie. It is a favorite among extreme sports players, skaters, and snowboarders, who usually like the beanie because it feels warm and comfortable.

Bonnets were designed for women, girls, and babies, and have been around for centuries. These are made of cloth that covers the head and strings or bows which are tied under the chin. They are practical and fashionable, and often adorned with feathers, flowers, or other ornaments. In the early 20th century, Easter bonnets or spring bonnets were in style. Especially in the 1930s, when there were a new style of hat to celebrate the arrival of spring. Some decorated their hats for Easter parades, while others used their bonnets to hold Easter eggs.

A beret is a round cap without a visor. It is made from a wide array of materials, but is typically made of wool or felt. These have been worn by several people from different types of social groups. Berets were also very common in France in the early 1900s and also gained popularity in the US in the 1920s. One of the most popular personalities to wear a beret is South American revolutionary icon Che Guevarra.

Whether it’s winter or summer, these hats have always been part of numerous fashion styles. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we heard that some of these hats have made a comeback (like the bowler). One thing’s for sure though: bowlers, beanies, bonnets, and berets have become part of fashion history.

Black and White for Church

I was able to purchase a new pair of sandals when my Morning Dew celebrated his first birthday bash. I opted for white because I never had enough of that color for a sandal.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it for Church but I was able to eye one dress that would look perfectly lovely for my date with God without looking so informal :-)

Yours truly clad in Black and White for Church

Motif for the New Year

As you know, we shall be spending the New Year at the 5-star Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City. I have been contemplating for us to choose a motif for the New Year’s Eve. I thought of imposing to each one of us to be clad in black and white to make it look better in photos.

B & W Themed New Year

When I suggested it to my family, they want something bright and colorful. Hahaha! I never knew my taste has become duller. LOL! Someone suggested red. I love the idea. I am now eyeing on one tube red dress that would look perfect for the occasion :-)

Safety First All The Time

There have been several occassions during my grocery shopping at the Mall’s supermarket when I meet men and women whose physical movement is partially impaired by a broken leg all set in orthopedic cast.

It is painful to watch them manuover themselves on cructches between the rows of shelves. While they try to keep their balance with the cructch and reach up to a shelf above their heads to remove an item, I cringe that it may cause another dreadful accident when they lose their balance.

Later heading back home, I notice the same thing at traffic light road junctions. They partially strickened person hobbles across the street with the aid of the crutch just barely making it in time before the pedestrian lights turn red.

One solution to this is that knee walkers are used by such invalids till they are back on both their feet.

Mama Fabulosa

I’ve got the coolest and prettiest Mama in the world. You’ve got to agree with me, or else… Hahaha!

Yes folks! She’s so groovy and she’s vain too. She doesn’t leave the house without any make up on. She carefully chooses what she wears for every occasion. And mind you! She makes sure she’s fashionably in.

See it to believe it! 😉

Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Clothes Your Teen Will Love

Are you stuck on what to get your teen this holiday season? Christmas is a phenomenal time for rewarding your son or daughter with a nice gift or two, but how do you find clothing that your teen will love with so many stores and manufactures? Furthermore how do you navigate and discover the top fashion trends or hottest products on the market?

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When it comes to holiday shopping you can really only ask for two things: hot products and great deals. Discount Fox apparel & clothing is something this Christmas that your teen will love.