Types and Uses of Polybags

Polybags are durable plastic bags made of polythene. These plastic bags come in various sealing styles for easy storage of anything from fruits to arts and craft supplies. Polybags are also very versatile and most bags are not biodegradable or recyclable, so you are not harming the environment when you use them.

Types of Polybags
Plastic bag manufacturers such as Epolybags make various kinds of plastic bags for different purposes. There are small Polybags for the storage of small items like toys and crafts items. Polybags UK has bags for light, medium, and heavy-duty uses. Heavy-duty bags are industrial-grade bags capable of storing heavy contents without ripping apart despite the weight. There are polythene bags which are designed for covering different shapes and surfaces, such as golf clubs, musical instruments, and the like.

The manufacturer also offers black open top poly bags, which are designed for storing seals and gaskets. These bags are made of certain materials that make them suitable for food storage as well. The manufacturer also provides custom sizes but orders for customized bags should be in the minimum amount.

Photo not mine

Another option is the resealable poly bag with hanger. These are designed for storing clothing and come with a durable and flexible hanger hook. Virgin materials are used which make it the ideal bag for garments. The plastic bags also come with resealable tear off strips and punched perforated holes.

Top Uses of Polythene Plastic Bags
Plastic bags can be used for virtually anything. They can be used for wet packaging as well as storage of small items like pieces of jewelry, buttons, as well as large items like clothing, stuffed toys, and pillows. There are different types of bags that can be used for regular storage of non-food items. Vacuum seal bags can be used for storage of food and other perishable items for months and even years of storage. Polythene bags can also be used for garbage disposal as well as for organization of textiles. Their ability to keep moisture and dust away from the contents is one of the reasons why these bags are very versatile storage options.

My New Sneakers for 2012

I was so desperate to own a new sneakers that I could get to use each time I go hit the gym and play badminton. I pity my feet because it’s been sporting a rather old footwear that I’ve bought from ukay-ukay two years ago, LOL! Though I’ve bought two pairs of runners this year, they were good only for casual wear and not so perfect as a sporting apparel.

When SM Mall had its Thanksgiving sale, I had no particular thing in mind that needs urgent purchase. However, when I passed by the footwear section, I’ve learned that Fila had a 50% off on selected items on top of the 10% discount for SM Advantage Card holders. Wasn’t it cool?

The 50% marked down price

My eyes caught the fancy of the black and fuchsia selection that stood out amongst all the runners on sale.

The black and fuchsia Fila runners
Happy new shoes! :-)

I did not think twice to finally do the purchase upon knowing that originally, it was heftily priced almost PhP 4, 000.00. When I went at the cashier to pay, the amount was only PhP 1, 500. Wasn’t it a good deal?

Happy feet!

I felt so happy and was more than satisfied! :-)

Not Too Impossible

My cousin’s family own a clinic and diagnostic center at Davao Oriental. I was told the center is now complete with medical facilities including the medical computer cart. The family has been rather busy running the center.

I believe their family aims of putting up a small hospital in the near future which is not so impossible to happen because they have got the means apart from the fact that except for their parents, all four siblings are medical degree holders, including the eldest who’s a physician.

My Braun Büffel Wallet

Never in my life had I owned an expensive wallet until I took ownership of Braun Büffel wallet. I had some precious ones in the past but they were only given to me as a gift.

I used to have a separate wallet for my personal cards- debit cards, identifications cards, etc. But since it was only a cheap leatherette card wallet, it got easily marred by constant usage thus I had to give it up. The next few wallets didn’t last long enough to serve their purpose.

My Braun Büffel Wallet

That’s when I realized the importance of buying a good, quality, leather wallet. Among the many lovely Braun Büffel collections, one that caught my fancy was WEIN’s zip long wallet. It got the versatile shade of black. The craftsmanship of WEIN’s subtly pebbled texture and relaxed shapes exudes casual elegance.

One of my most precious possessions

It has got the following features:

  • Pebbled cowhide leather with smooth nappa trimming
  • Pale gold hardware with charm on zip
  • Zip interior features three gusseted note compartments, fifteen card slots, a zip coin compartment and two flat multi-purpose pockets
  • Exterior zip coin compartment
  • Braun Büffel fabric lining
  • 200(L) x 110(H)mm

What I love the most amongst all the wallet features was the 15- card slot. As you can see in the photo below, my cards were all kept intact at one compartment. That resolved one of my many dilemmas with my former wallets.

The cards

One thing perfect about this wallet was the note and zip coin compartments.

The note and zip coin compartments

Though the entire wallet may appear to be rather bulky, I’d prefer to have all my stuff inside the wallet.

Bulky appearance. It weighs T plus kgs, LOL!

So how much did it cost? It was priced heftily when it was purchased in March. It was by far my most precious wallet! Till this very day, I am very happy with it and there’s no inch of regret.

Braun Büffel Wein’s features were lifted from:
Braun Büffel.com.au

My Workout Routine

I have been going to the gym consistently after I’ve gained so much weight in March. I went through a difficult process because I am not so used to gaining weight. I was only 48 kilos but I gained 7.5 kilos in just a matter of one month when I binged during that period, LOL! It was hard because I didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t go to the gym during the period of self- indulgence.

Well, that’s the thing of the past and I never want to be very uncomfortable on what I wear day in and day out. Though I still got two more kilos to shed to achieve my former weight, I feel so much better. I go to the gym at noontime and spend an hour to sweat out. I’ve never felt this good in such a long time!

I am also contemplating of trying out yoga exercises. I will be needing a yoga mat for that so I better eye a good one soon.

My Dream House

I dream of owning a house one day. It’s one good investment that I dream of achieving when I have saved enough dime for the purpose. I believe I have gathered enough water wall ideas for my dream house. Indoor water fountains are one of the best features in some of the modern houses in the country. It gives some oomph and the entire design of the house will sure give it a boost.

I hope I will be able to realize my dream in no time.

What’s Inside My Purse?

I am a Forever21 fan. So when I sighted one bright purse at SM Megamall, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I immediately did the purchase :-)

My F21 purchase

You can tell by now that I go for something bright and colorful. It’s rare though that you’d find me choosing small bags or purses as I don’t find it serving the purpose when I go to work. My bag weighs more than 5 kilos each time I report for work so you can just imagine all the items that I needed to put in.

So what are the items that I can’t leave behind when I only use a purse?

My stuff
Closer look

These are my leather wallet, Nokia C3 cellphone that was lost when I was in Davao last September, Skin Food lipstick, The Body Shop lip balm, Bobbi Brown eye shadow, Clinique face powder, sunglasses, and my pink comb that’s at the bottom of the purse when I took the snap so it wasn’t visible.

What about you? What are the things that are a must inside your bag?

The Pink Girl In Me

I love to dress up and pose for the camera 😉 I used to do color coding when I was younger, LOL! I make sure that the color of my top match my shoes, accessories, etc. As I browsed through my files, I can’t help but mutter, “Indeed, I love pink!” I have a lot of pink apparels too boost. But that was when I was younger, haha!

As I began to age, my preferences changed dramatically. I still love pink but it doesn’t matter anymore if the colors match, LOL! For me, the more different it is, the better. I love to sport bright colors- one that’s not common and is different from the norm, hahaha!

Pink top and shoes matched with pink watch 😉
Different shade of pink matched with the same color of watch

You might ask me what color were the undergarments 😉 Your guess is as good as mine, LOL! Obviously a pink gal right here!

No Techy- Savvy Type of Gal

Everyone is looking forward for the cyber Monday sales. And why not? One would love to avail of all the affordable deals especially when it comes to gadgets and electronics.

In today’s advanced technology, most households got the state-of-the-art electronic equipment. Consumers are now very well-informed of the most advanced technologies that are available in the market. Most of them are consumer electronics that are must-haves for techy-savvy individuals.

I must admit I am no techy-savvy kind of person. As long as I have the basic necessities for me to be able to survive my day to day existence, that is always fine by me. I focus on my basic needs and not on the wants.