6C of Loose Diamonds

I recently read a story from the Internet about a woman who unbelievably found her engagement ring after it being lost for more than a decade. She took her rings off to apply sunscreen to her kids one fine summer day while out on her sister’s yard, and shortly thereafter, she realized her rings were gone! She asked for help from friends and neighbors to scope the yard with metal detector to no avail. About a-year-and-a-half later, she was thrilled when her wedding band was found, however, the engagement ring was not. Fast forward 17 years later, reasonable enough time to lose hope for ever locating her ring again, she had the surprise of her life when it was finally returned to her on her 21st wedding anniversary! Through the help of an enthusiast jewelry hunter, who her sister met by chance, the long gone ring was found buried down the ground at the yard, pretty much where she lost it 17 years ago.

Princess- cut diamond
It’s good that the woman’s lost-and-found story had a happy ending, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. I’ve come across several stories of valuable jewelries and family heirlooms misplaced and never recovered at all. There is this lady who bought a pair of jeans from Goodwill for about $5, and was surprised when she stumbled upon inside one of the pockets a diamond engagement ring. Finding the owner of that ring may be a long shot for who knows how that jeans ended up in Goodwill, and who knows how many people have worn that or tried that on already, right? Also, I’ve read about stories of a gem or two falling off from the setting, and the next thing you know, you’re wearing a diamond-less ring. Ay-ay-ay!

I never want to be in the losing-a-diamond predicament, but if for some reason, I would end up in that situation, I think I would rather have the gem fall off from the setting than losing the entire jewelry. At least, that’s one less problem to think of, plus I read that one can buy loose diamonds online at Whiteflash.com. Just click here.

Photo grabbed

When buying diamonds, one should always keep in mind the 6Cs:

  1. CUT. A diamond’s brilliance or ability to sparkle depends heavily on its cut, hence, this is the most important trait of a diamond.
  2. CLARITY. Nothing in this world is perfect, thus, even expensive diamonds have their inner flaws. The smaller and fewer the flaws, the lesser visible they become to the naked eye.
  3. COLOR. The lack of color in a diamond means it allows more refraction of light (sparkle).
  4. CARAT. Carat is the unit of weight measurement for diamonds. The heavier the diamond is, that is the higher the carat value, the more expensive it is.
  5. CERTIFICATE. This is like the diamond’s report card which contains its recognizable details as evaluated or graded by a qualified professional or gemologist.
  6. COST. Diamonds are undeniably expensive, so one’s budget should always be taken into consideration when buying. You’ll be surprised that there are a lot of good deals, sales and purchase plans available for diamond buyers.

Personally, I guess my most important tip for all diamond keepers first and foremost is to be wary and cautious of your precious gem at all times. Diamonds are rare, so losing one is no joke. That fortunate woman who found her diamond ring after losing it for 17 years? She swore never to take her rings off her finger again.

Clothes Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the season of loving and giving. And the most quintessential way of practicing this is by giving gifts to your loved ones.

Gifts may come in many forms. The kind of item you give may also depend on the one you are giving the gift to. When you are giving a gift to a child, toys would always be on top of the list. For teenagers, gadgets would be perfect. For moms, housewares or vanity items would do. And for daddies, a bottle of musk would be recommendable.

But there’s one type of gift that is fit for all ages — clothing and apparels. Whether its a kid or a teen or an adult you are giving a Christmas present to, clothes make a perfect treat for this season.

Not only is giving clothes a practical thing, it also gives the impression that you as the giver is exerting extra effort in giving gifts. Why? Because clothes are a little ticker gift items! But this should threaten you. Here are some things to consider when choosing apparels as your Christmas give-away.

Seize the Size
The difficult part starts with the size. You should know beforehand the body size of the person you are giving the gift to. This is where woman’s intuition comes in very handy. Women have this amazing ability to tell the a person’s body size just by recalling or picturing him/her in mind. So if you are an Uncle doing Christmas shopping for nieces and nephews, or a godfather for dozens of godchildren, or simply a good man planning to distribute gifts to loved ones, make sure you have your mom/girlfriend/sister with you when you are planning to shop for clothes.

The Price is Right
The second challenge when giving clothes for gifts is the price. These items can be a little pricier than the usual stuff on the gift item list like toys and kitchen wares. And this where the preciousness comes in. Giving clothes for gifts tells of your generosity as a giver. After all, Christmas happens only once a year and spending for the family doesn’t hurt, does it?

But when you are really on a tight budget, you may opt buying from thrift shops that offer items on sale and discounted prices. There are now a lot of thrift shops based online, and what you only need to do is to scour the Web to get the best buys.

Inclined to Music

As you very well know by now, I have brothers who are into a band. My family is actually very inclined to music. Some of the friends of my siblings would meet at home and do their practice to hone their crafts. Sometimes too they would go at a friend’s house and do their rehearsals. So it is never new to me to see Peavey PA Speakers at musicians friend.

I can only be proud of my brothers who excels on their chosen profession.

I Need Some Pampering

It’s been ages since I’ve had manicure and pedicure sessions. As I look into my nails, I can’t help but feel pity on them. I just feel that I owe them some pampering after letting them work their a**es off. LOL!

Due to my toxic schedule at work, I failed to reward myself. I’ve missed those times when I go to the salon and give myself some relaxation.

The nails of the past

Cold Months in the Tropical Philippines

When it’s the “ber” months in a tropical country like the Philippines, Filipinos would usually hoard some really nice mountain hardware fleece. Though these items are known to be usually used by mountaineers, a vast majority loves the purchase these in the market because of its durable quality and of course because it serves the purpose- to protect one against the cold weather.

I am actually eyeing one beautiful item from their website. I have yet to choose from amongst the vast list of lovely items. I can always get fickle-minded and confused when there’s a lot to choose from. Hahaha!

Shopping Spree

Since it’s my birthday month, please allow me to have some birthday wish. I have nothing in mind in particular. However, I would want to go on a shopping spree and just buy whatever it is that will catch my fancy.

Forever21, SM Manila

Don’t you worry. I know it’s not gonna happen for real. LOL! I haven’t won any lottery yet. So there won’t be enough cash for a shopping spree:-)